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10 Different Kinds of Beds for Good Sleep

Sep 4th, 2012 By
Are you tired after a hectic day? Surely, you can do with peaceful sleep or a nap. There are some kinds of beds that can ensure you an undisturbed sleep as well as an excellent decoration for the rooms. When the question is about the home renovation, it is not just about the paints, flooring, and the accessories. The kind of bed also says a lot about the interior design. Below are the topmost 10 types of beds you can choose from

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds have a beautiful headboard and four posts. They connect to each other on the top with the help of a rod. You can use lovely fabrics to drape around this from the top and the sides. Wooden ones were quite famous in the traditional eras. These days you can find wrought iron ones are in trend.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are actually wall beds. They come with an attached cabinet or a cupboard. You can easily pull it down when in use and put it back in the space when you are done. They help to save space and also enhance the look of the area. They are a feasible choice for guest rooms.

Platform Beds

Trendy and also commendable for storage, platform beds are ideal for the bedroom. You get bed drawers to place the bed linen and other things. The platform of the bed actually supports the mattress on which you can sleep. This has a low rise and looks fantabulous for the region.

Sofa Beds

You can place Sofa beds in any room where there is a requirement of seating as well as an additional function of resting. You can convert this from sofa to bed with the help of an extended platform. This also allows ample space for the people to sit on and sleep.

Trundle Beds

Trundle beds are simple to operate. Basically, here, there is a larger bed that accommodates another bed that is set on a wheel. You can pull this out at your convenience and place it back again under the large one. So if you have any friend or guest coming over, this can really work well for you.

Bunk Beds

Here there are dual beds on top of each other. Bunk beds are perfect for kid’s rooms. If you have more than one child, you can definitely find this to be a superb pick. You can even utilize it for the dormitory and other rooms. Especially, if there are too many one region, this bed is a remarkable selection.

Futon Beds

Futon beds have a very modish convertible frame with an open sofa and an overhead bed. These are a stylish pick for the contemporary home. Though the ideation of this furniture came from Japan, it is now available all around the world. You can opt for this in the kid’s room, bedroom, and even a guest room.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are very flexible. You can use it as a recliner and also a seating. You can push back the head rest and also bend the seat to your desire. It is advisable for patients or people who have back or body pain. It allows you to lift up the surface to the angle you want. It provides you a lot of comfort.

Sleigh Beds

If you think that Christmas is due in December, then you can further the idea in the bedroom also. Get a sleigh bed in the place. They have the footboard and the headboard that curves out in the shape of the sleigh. They look adorable and also match up with any existing theme.


Hammocks completely redefine the meaning and utility of beds. You can place it in the outdoors and even indoors. They are free hanging from two or more end points that connect the bed to the poles. You can relax on it while the hammock swings to and fro in a rhythm.


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