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10 Frozen Ice Carving Ideas for Home

Jan 6th, 2013 By
Ice carving and art forms can be used this winter for home decoration. You can select this fro DIY project. You can even choose some ice sculptures for your space. You can find large sized or cute shaped carvings of ice for your rooms. You can give ice any shape you want. You can use them for wedding decorations and events as well


This swan ice sculpture is perfect for dinner table centerpiece. You can also place them on coffee table. This can also suit as New Year beautification. You may even choose this for your kid’s room. You can also select this for tabletop.

LED Cubes

Ice LED cubes can look awesome for room decoration. You can use them in parties or festivals. This can provide soft glow in room. You can even render romantic feel in your room with these lightings. You can even decorate floors and furniture with them.


You can also use this abstract patterned ice carving for home beautification. You can use them on fireplace mantel this look great in home bar. You can simply adjust on refrigerator. You may also get them for your living room.


This ice carving can look lovely as centerpiece for tables and other areas. You can even use them for major festivals and occasions. You can utilize them for birthday parties. You can also put them on table like that in dining room. You may even place them on side table in bedroom.


If you are music fanatic, then you can get your favorite instrument shape carved on ice. Here you can see a set of drums sculpted from pure ice. This can work well in home decoration. You can place them in man cave or recreation room.


You can use ice sculptures and miniatures for bedroom decoration. You may buy couples sculpted on ice to grant romantic appearance to your bedroom. You can also use these items as decorative accents in other areas.


You can shift to oriental or Asian decoration for home interiors. You can use dragon ice sculpture for your home. You can place them in any corner of a room. This will surely make your space look outstanding.

Frozen Flowers

You can also purchase frozen ice sculpts that has flowers inside. This gives an enchanting appearance to your home surrounding. This can also look cool in your dining room and kitchen. You can adjust them on window sills or ledges as well.

Candle Holders

You can buy candle holders made from ice you can do this yourself as well. You can cut out slabs of ice and place candles on them. You can get dry ice cube for this purpose. It will look striking as outdoor decoration accent.

Flower Vase

You may purchase ice sculpt flower vase for your room. This can look entertaining for home environment. You can color the ice with paint to make it look much more adorable. You can settle them in garden and other spaces like living room coffee table.


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