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10 Makeover Ideas for Craft Rooms

Jan 27th, 2013 By
Craft room is becoming a growing space preference in home. People who love to sew, stitch and involve themselves in craft often create such a nook in their house. This can also be useful for children. Many individuals even combine home office, library, study area and hobby spaces with this region. You can also choose different accessories to accentuate the design of this place

You can choose cabinets and shelves for your craft room to make it more functional. You can keep the necessary objects and accessories here. You may even make use of empty craft boxes or old accessories to decorate this area.

You can also make your craft room look stylish with eco friendly rugs. You can even buy some storage boxes to place your things and accessories. You can add wall hanging pockets to store things. You can also light up the space with lovely chandelier. Storage racks and shelves can also be good for this space.

You can make your craft breathe fresh air with open layout. You can also install a pantry here. You can pick up snacks from here when you feel hungry. You can also convert table countertop into work area. You can also get mood board ideas for this space.

You can also make the craft room look creative and colorful. Choose blinds and drapes that have floral prints and different shades. You can also get some floral rugs for this area. Furniture like chair, table, shelves, racks and bulletin board may make this room look unique.

You can also keep your craft room simple with minimal accessories. You can just personalize a corner by placing a table and chair along with craft accessories. You can also install wall shelves and racks to give complete effect of this room.

You may even choose traditional layout and design for craft room. You can go for pendant lights or lanterns for the region. You can organize this room well. You may keep the accessory section separate and work table in some other space.

You can even convert your recreation area into craft room. You can entertain yourself along with work. Television, radio and mp3 players can make this space more fun. Choose a cabinet with open shelves and drawers. This will aid you in organizing and storing things in place.

You can go for oriental décor for your craft room. Hang paper lanterns with Chinese inscriptions. You can also get curtains for the area. You should also buy furniture of oriental theme. You can choose warm colors for your space here.

You can choose country home design for craft room. Install multiple and long wall shelves to keep the space clutter free. You may even choose accessories that will help you with your projects here. You can also bring in a work desk so that you can perform craft work on this table.

You may even go for organized craft room for your house. You can define work space from play and hobby area. You can also update this region with white backsplash for your hobby desk. You can also obtain a bulletin board here to set reminders and notes.


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