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10 Occupying DIY Kids Craft for summer

Jul 3rd, 2013 By

This summer, invite your children to experiment something different that keeps them busy and happy. Introduce them to some inspiring DIY craft ideas. Make them learn the art of using their creativity to decorate home interiors and outdoors

Key Wind Chime

By painting a wood branch with different shades, children can create a unique wind chime. Hanging old keys with strings on these branches can make this accent great for balconies. These invite a whimsical style in outdoors.

Key Wind Chime 1


Pebble Paperweight

Make use of pebbles of different sizes to design out paperweights. As July 4 is approaching, children can celebrate the Independence Day in a creative way. Paint the surface of these pebbles with red, blue and whites. Use the colors to grant the design of the U.S flag to these pebbles.

Pebble Paperweight 2


Recycled Piggy Bank

Do not throw away cold drink bottles and cans. Instead, convert these into kid’s piggy bank. Let the children join few of these bottles together to give it a shape of a pig. After paining the structure, make children dig a hole on top, so that a coin can slip in.

Recycled Piggy Bank 3


Popsicle Stick Helicopter

Let the creative juices of your kid flow this summer. Teach him or her how to build a Popsicle stick helicopter and toy. Glue the Popsicle sticks together and give it a shape of helicopter. Later, paint these sticks with desired watercolor shades.

Popsicle Stick Helicopter 4


Seashell Candle Holder

Children can recreate shells into masterpieces or rather lighting objects. By filling beeswax in the core of big seashells, they can construct a t-light candles or candle holders. These cute accents can make a room look bright in dark.

Seashell Candle Holder 5


Fruity Wreath

Design a fruit wreath out of colorful paper and cardboard scraps. Children can now use these wreaths to beautify doors and walls. These wreaths can also look garden fences and porch area look adorable. Such wreaths can render summer effect to sunroom and other spaces.

Fruity Wreath 6


Egg Carton Boats

Woo your children into learning how to upcycle odd objects into toys. Make them utilize egg cartons in innovative ways. They can sculpt out pretty looking boats out of these cartons. These egg carton boats can be used to beautify water fountains.

Egg Carton Boats 7


Paper Flowers

If you have a teenage daughter or son, you can teach them to make sophisticated DIY objects. Allow them to recycle papers and old slam books into wall hanging roses or flowers. These items can look eye-catching on passageway walls.

Paper Flowers 8


Jar Planters

Children can make indoor planters out of old jars. They can paint these jars and etch patterns on the surfaces of these pieces. Decorating soil with shells and pebbles can add to the appearance of these planters.

Jar Planters 9


Photo Frame

Carving out flower patterns on wood pieces can look great. However, it can look better, if these wood chunks are converted into photo frames. This is a cool DIY project for children this summer. These photo frames are excellent accents for fireplace mantels and countertops.

Photo Frame 10

The above-mentioned DIY craft options for summer are perfect for kids. You can make these activities a family affair on weekends and enjoy immensely.


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