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12 Classy Christmas Door Decorations

Dec 12th, 2012 By
Christmas is approaching. You should decorate every corner of your home. This simply means you must not leave your door unattended. You can decorate the door using different Christmas decorations. Here are a few classy examples.

Christmas Door Wreaths

You can buy door wreaths to decorate your doors in style. There are numerous colorful wreaths available in the market. You must buy wreaths that are colorful and impressive.

Xmas Tree Recycled CD

You can use old CDs to make Christmas tree shaped door decorations. This is a very sensible way to make use of old CDs. You won’t have to throw them away and they will be used sensibly.

Red Christmas Door Hangar

Red is the color that reminds us of Christmas. You may opt for red colored door hangars. These can act as an apt Christmas decoration. You can even make these hangars at home.

Hand Painted Snow Man for Christmas

If you have children at home, it is time you put them to action. You can teach them to paint snowmen and use these homemade crafts as door decoration. This can teach them to be independent and to value money.

Santa Door Decorations

Santa is an inevitable part of Xmas. You can choose to use Santa door decorations to make your doorway attractive. This will create a welcome appeal and guests will be pleased to come to your house.

Crocheted Christmas Décor for the Door

These are door decorations that you can easily make at home. You can use woolen fabric to make these crocheted door decorations. Choose eye pleasing fabrics to make the crocheted decoration.

Recycled Cork Door Decoration

Do you have waste wine corks at home? You may use these to make attractive door decorations. A great option is to make Christmas trees with these corks.

Leaf Themed Door Decorations

Pine and spruce leaves are often visible during Christmas. You may thus choose Christmas decorations of these shapes to decorate your door. You may even add a touch of red to this decoration.

Reindeer Themed Door Decoration

You can also buy reindeer themed door decorations. These look very cute. You can even tell kids tales of Santa using these door decorations.

DIY Door Decorations

You can also make door decorations at home. You must visit the several online websites and blogs to find out easy ways to make door decorations.

Snowflake Door Decoration

As Christmas is a winter festival, you may opt for snowflake themed door decorations. These have a very attractive shape. You must maintain it clean so that it continues to look attractive in all seasons.

Cute Christmas Door Coverings

You can also cover the door handles using woolen fabrics. These will help you keep the handles intact and in good condition. You must also make sure that the door handles stay clear of rust. Rust not just harms the furniture; it also leads to great destruction. Keep it clean and intact.


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