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12 Popular Living Room Style State wise in U.S.A

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Sprawling mountains, settled in horizon, where coastline meets cities, brings western locale visuals alive. Similarly rich flora and fauna amongst vast grasslands, is a nature’s delight in American states. In the humdrum of days, people still believe in living life to the fullest. The lifestyle, fashion, home design and everything about U.S.A has an impact across the globe. To keep up with your curiosity, let me bring forward the myriad living room styles according to different states in the U.S.A

I have been a travel freak since my childhood days. Though I reside in the Southwest of America, I do visit the neighboring states and meet up with my friends. You must be thinking that being a part of a union may reflect similar tastes in food, clothing and homes styling.

But, the truth is, though we Americans share particular thoughts, our preferences may still differ. Let me be more specific in terms of room decors. Every state in U.S.A has diverse living room styles. Here are some stark distinguishing pointers seen in the living room styles according to the states in America.


California 1

Source : http://furniturestocks.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/california-living-room-outdoor-kitchen.jpg

Californians are open-minded, they are ready to experiment novel ideas and love to keep their homes clean. If you ask me, I have never seen a more organized house than that of the Californian. What draws in guest is the highlight of natural décor through pot plants and flower centerpieces. You will be wowed by their hospitality. Their joyful nature is well depicted through bold painted walls and colorful interiors.

The cozy seating space is a resemblance to Californian forests, as birch and olive wood sofas welcome you. Log wood ceiling, traditional fireplace and paintings provide a homely feel. In the evening, a Californians home will be a delightful nook for social gathering. Hence, the living room generally has a combined home bar.


Texas 2

Source : http://www.trentwilliamsconstruction.com/images/idea-center-finishing-touches/comfortable%20texas%20living%20room%20in%20upscale%20ranch%20home.JPG

Growing in southern ranch is dream of many people. Those belonging from Texas can literally find the dream coming true. The cowboy, country lifestyle and importance of cultural heritage unite the people here. Hence, prominence is given to cottage style, brick enclosures and stone fireplace in the living room.

As Texans hold on to their cultural background strongly, influence of traditional Mexican lighting, extended barn storage and organized television consoles make their space. Texans are family oriented. Hence, you may find a dining area overlooking the seating space in the living room.

New York

New York 3

Source : http://www.nycondoblog.com/wp-content/uploads/The-Sheffield-Living-Room.jpg

Though being a southwestern may make me seemingly look like a native, I still adore the way New Yorkers lifestyle. Nestled in the Northeast area of the U.S, people here follow an urbane thinking. A lot of emphasize is given to hi-tech appliances in the living room, so that the comfort factor is met.

A great detail is paid to the aesthetics through upgraded window treatments and chic accessories as coffee table centerpieces. A New Yorker likes to read books. So, you may find a magazine rack in a corner of this area. Recessed lighting and mix of soft and dark paints set the mood in their homes.


Florida 4

Source : http://decoarq.com/wp-content/2011/01/rr_140111_18-940×587.jpg

You can say, Florida living rooms are the most whimsical. Engaging style, accessories and conversational design give way to the relaxed lifestyle of the people. Artistic sculptures, vases, flowers bring the love for garden inspired living room to reality. Due to Hispanic and Native American influence, room designs are intricate and on the lines of classic décor.

Many homeowners prefer traditional style of the living areas, but there are several who like to mishmash contemporary, Mexican and Spanish design into the rooms. Therefore, the Floridian living rooms are quite a delight to the eyes.


Illinois 5

Source : http://iseecubed.com/wp-content/uploads/fancy-exciting-luxurious-luxurious-living-room.jpg

In the core of Midwest, U.S, Illinois is a proud state of rivers and lakes. People believe in easy going and simplistic lifestyle here. Similarly, the living room designs also display heartwarming shades and accents that provide an inviting look. Influence of European design is quite visible in homes.  Some very prominent historians, presidents and celebrities belong to this state.

This eventually makes the state a frontier of broadminded ideas regarding the way of living. Therefore, the living room design can be as abstract as you can think of, or as traditional as a homeowner would wish. Flexible décor ideas and experimenting with different accessories is the basis of these areas.


Pennsylvania 6

Source : http://ww1.hdnux.com/photos/12/03/20/2634784/4/628×471.jpg

As this state has seen exploration by many countries, the living room design is a rich mix of German, Spanish, European, Irish, Italian and American culture. Presence of myriad colors in living areas is seen through accents, pillows, cushions, linen and centerpieces. These areas are sometimes also knows for their recreational features.

A Pennsylvania living room might contain a game board or other entertainment infusing devices to keep the guests engaged. Being one of the founding states of the U.S, Pennsylvanians prefer swinging in their cultural root through expressions in designs. A fireplace mantel may display heirlooms, crafts and family photographs.


Ohio 7

Source : http://ad009cdnb.archdaily.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/50aa4637b3fc4b4b040000ab_shaker-heights-house-dimit-architects_9633-02.jpg

If you want to meet the most cheerful people of America, then Ohio is the right place. Due to influence of different cultures, a lot of variation is seen in room designs. Integrated styles that echo American, Spanish and European designs are they trick pullers in living rooms of this state. As the climatic conditions are humid and the region being susceptible to earthquakes, lightweight materials are used to construct the rooms.

Southern style décor is depicted through ingrained wall fireplace, modest design and classic. Open sliders and windows draped in solid curtains are example of how people of this region value stylish home interiors.


Georgia 8

Source : http://www.sampleboard.com/boarddocs/libraryitemimages/10532/25276_1366007419807.jpg

Being a state of dwelling for distinctive flora and fauna, natural décor ideas are admired in living rooms. . This state is a hot tourist spot and has a royal cultural background. Therefore, stress on incorporating aspects of outdoors and culture through accents is an accepted norm for the homeowners. Printed curtains, cool colors, plants, bold designs and inclusive fireplace are some of the features.

If you are looking for an inspiration of country style homes, then Georgian living rooms are perfect gateway to the wonders of rustic designs.  Coastal, nautical and ranch style are quite prominent in the Georgian living areas.


Michigan 9

Source : http://designyoutrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/001-eclectic-home-nicole-ray.jpg

Though the origin of the state name is French, it is one of the most ecstatic regions of the U.S.  People here are fun loving. Their style of ease is seen in shabby chic décor. As the region is based on a shoreline, nautical décor ideas are also preferable to beautify the living rooms. Michigan living rooms illustrate closed storage and upgraded devices.

This is because people here do not like to compromise when it comes to the standard of living. Racks, shelves on the floors and walls are a means of apt storage space.  Wood, brick walls, white toned surroundings and ripe shaded linen speak about the finesse of tastes of these individuals.

New Jersey

New Jersey 10

Source : http://creativefanz.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Living-Room-Designs-Centering-Red-Color-05.jpg

Even though the state holds legend of ghosts, the living room interiors are not on the lines of gothic décor. You may find retro themed homes and Victorian designs in the area, but all the decorations are on the line of classic themed beautification.

As this state is surrounded by New York and Middle Atlantic regions, Sweden and Dutch art is quite noticeable in living rooms. Upholstery furniture, bright colors, neutral window treatments, wood floorboard and wall niche shelves provide an insight on how people like to inculcate modest living in their lives.


Virginia 11

Source : http://www.ciiwa.com/images/Blue-Wall-Living-Room-with-Fire-Place-Ideas-927×684.jpg

One of the South Atlantic states, Virginia is known for its casual lifestyle and merrymaking. These aspects are well mirrored even in the home design. Detailing in the living rooms is present through wall carvings and Victorian lampshades. A touch of eclectic design is the talk in the interiors. Striped linen, informal country styled surroundings complete a Virginian living room.

Open rooms are preferred, as the weather conditions are generally humid and warmer. So, you can hope for a seemingly comfortable span of living area in houses. The traditional styled living rooms are tiled with red bricks. Chimneys and rooftop seating areas form an outdoor living space here.


Washington 12

Source : http://cdn.frontdoor.com/dims4/SCRIPPS/de31919/2147483647/thumbnail/630×473%5E/quality/75/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.frontdoor.com%2F2a%2F4e%2F48e850ea4ed189a88fedc7374cd2%2Fchd-10182012-washington-dc-livingroom2.jpeg

This state belongs in the Pacific Northwest area in the U.S. It is one of the metropolitan areas. So, you are bound to come across living rooms of varied styles. However, display of mountains and rainforests are brought into life in home with help of sculptures, wall paintings and natural accents. The essence of wildlife and flowers is available with animal print cushions and scented candles.

As the state shares oceanic climate, depiction of nautical creatures through art forms is quite common in living rooms. To render a welcoming feel to the guests, these areas have large carpets installed on the floors. A mingle of European and American design in these regions ushers beauty in the room interiors.

Hence, the U.S.A has a fine mixture of different living room styles that vary according to the territories. There are many similarities in home décor ideas for the states that share boundary, parallel weather conditions and lifestyle. Still, every region displays some variation in their way of styling homes, which was evident in the above-mentioned post.


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