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5 Decorative Ideas to Enliven Your Backyard

Jul 15th, 2013 By

The backyard as many will agree is an extension of one’s house. For many it acts as a retreat, a getaway to indulge in their favorite activities. Whether it is reading your favorite book or making merry with family and friends over a barbecue or weekend party. Here is where all the fun happens, yet it is also the most ignored space. Here are 5 unique ways to decorate it and enhance its fun quotient and value.

Colored Flagstones

Give a rustic feel to your backyard by including colored flagstones. Set up flagstone pavers that go through the garden. Place abstract designed flagstones for this purpose. Do you want to give an artistic touch? Then add colored ones. Like many, you can have a patio made of flagstones that extend your house. They make up for a fine place for an afternoon brunch or evening dinner.

Colored Flagstones 1


Potted Perennials

Most backyards have a garden to them, which consists of plant life. Nevertheless, a patio lacks them, which in turn gives them a bare look. Add a hint of color through potted perennials. You may either group them together on the patio at one side or spread them around at the edges. They can also be arranged at the sides of the flagstone walkway, thereby, enhancing the overlook of your yard.

Potted Perennials 2


Miniature Fountain

Do your ears long for the sound of a brook around your house? Evidently, they are not found everywhere. However, to experience the calming sound of running water, a fountain is perfect. But, due to lack of adequate space in the backyard, a full sized fountain may not be possible for all. In such case, a miniature fountain is suitable. A tabletop or wall hanging type is perfect. They combine a fine balance of form and function, which exude beauty and have a pleasing effect on the surroundings.

Fountains 3


Gazing Globes

These subtle forms of art are an effective accessory for your backyard. Available in a variety of sizes, so you can place them in several places. They come in as small as five inches and as big as twenty inches in various bright colors such as red, blue, green, silver, and in multicolor too. Glazing globes can be hung in air along and placed between the lawn, patios, path, and flowerbed.

Gazing Globes 4



Add aesthetic value to your backyard with sundials. These ancient timepieces look fab besides displaying accurate time. A sundial is best kept at the center of the yard mounted on a stand, which can be an art in themselves. They can range from columns to artistic designs. A sundial implements the sun’s reflection from a mirror to draw the hour line on the ceiling. If you are seeking something unconventional, opt for a vertical sundial other than the usual horizontal type.

Sundial 5

Besides the listed, they are many more outdoor ideas, which one can incorporate to give a fascinating appeal to their backyard. Fishponds, a garden canopy and garden beds are few exciting examples that you could implement. Through the above-mentioned ways set a theme and build an atmosphere in your yard for everyone’s delight.


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