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5 Ways to Decorate Your Sunroom

Jul 3rd, 2013 By

When summer is around relaxation and leisure activities are on the top of everyone’s list. Go ahead and celebrate this season by fixing up a calm and tranquil sunroom in your home into your own summer haven.
With the onset of summer, it is an obvious choice to spend more time outdoors. However, if you have a sunroom or sun porch, this season is all the better and merry way to enjoy from indoors. A sun lounge is your perfect place to spend the noon and early evening. Whether it is the occasional family reunion, a day spent playing indoor games with friends or simply lounging. Here are five smart ways for you to adorn your sunroom and transform it into a pleasant and fun space.

Cozy Daybed

While decorating a sunroom, a sofa does not work up the charm the room deserves. Take your relaxation up a notch by placing a daybed. Apart from providing ample seating and a cozy place for your siesta or afternoon nap, this type of bed also features drawers at the bottom. This will help you store essentials, making it for easy reach. This makes it for the perfect spot to read a book or play an instrument of your choice.

Cozy Daybed 1


Colorful Poufs

Another great option to decorate your sunroom is by adding few colorful poufs. Simply by having them spread out across the floor, will make for a smart extra lounging space. Take the liberty of mixing and matching some striking colors. It will make your sun porch even more inviting. At times, nothing can be more relaxing than slumping onto a giant pillow or cushion.

Colorful Poufs 2


Wicker Furniture

One of the ideal pieces of appliance to adorn a sunroom is wicker furniture. They are amazing in the way they enhance a room overall presence. Wicker furniture lends an organic feel to a room and area an apt accessory as summer furniture. In addition, you can use them as a patio seating as when the need arises.

Wicker Furniture 3


Pastel Sheers

The prominent feature of a sunroom is to have the warm sunshine through. This equates to ample daylight coming indoors. However, this calls for window covering, especially for privacy during nighttime. To tackle this need, choose light sheers like the one seen in the image here. You may opt for plain whites or instead go for pastel shades. Pastel hues will work out a smart and chic looking interior. This simply means adequate sunlight and privacy at the same time.

Pastel Sheers 4


Fresh Flower Arrangement

Create a mini garden indoor, within your sunroom with an arrangement of fresh flowers. You may either pick them from a garden or preferably buy them from a florist. Remember, a good assortment of flowers is the final addition to your room. Furthermore, they will give your porch a touch of freshness with an endearing look along.

Fresh Flower Arrangement 5

Fill your sunroom with beauty, inspiration and admiration this season. Enjoy the summer sun in the comfort of your home and celebrate life. Follow through with the above ideas to have a beautiful and cozy looking sun porch.


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