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5 Ways to Use Baskets in your Home Decor

Jun 12th, 2013 By

Among the most inexpensive and versatile accessory available at our homes is the humble basket. Use these practical storage options to organize and add a splash of uniqueness to your rooms.

When it comes to organizing your home, it can be a challenge. Storage plays a crucial role in getting your work done. In the absence of adequate storage options, your rooms will look messy and chaotic. A basket since early times has proved itself thrifty and a boon for people with lots of goods. Nevertheless, there is more to them than simply being functional. They come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, sizes and colors. There is one available for every purpose under the sun.

Here are seven ways to use baskets within your home and in a style that assures to charm you as well as your guests, while fulfilling its basic purpose neatly.

Baskets as Wall Art

The thought of having a basket put up on your wall may not appeal you and probably sound vague as well. However, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. With the right kind and appropriate placement, be rest assured that it would raise eyebrows around. Yes, a basket can serve very well as a wall art in the living room or your bedroom like in the image seen here.

Baskets as Wall Art1


Versatile and Practical

Homes with stairs will benefit a lot from stair baskets made of willow, as they are very handy. Often while moving up and down stairs we have one or two items in hand which we in a hurry tend to place in an inappropriate spot around the room, and later hunting. These baskets are a good option to collect such items and supplies, which can be kept later in their designated place, while being within reach.

Versatile and Practical2


Decorate with Wicker

Do you want to highlight a spa like feel within your bathroom, maybe in the guest bathroom? If yes, wicker baskets are resourceful for such task besides being visually appealing. A collection of them will do wonders apart from providing ample storage space, something that is scarce in bathrooms.  They overall give way for a tidy appeal.

Decorate with Wicker3


Inspire Your Kitchen

Rattan baskets are apt for the ones who have a kitchen garden and into vegetables. They are one of the best options to store fresh produce. In addition, the different shapes and designs, which they are available in, make them an elegant home decor accessory, while complementing the goods stored within as seen in the image here. These baskets sit well on counter tops, blending with the surroundings.

Inspire Your Kitchen4


Contemporary Storage

Baskets are all about organizing your belongings. Every modern home today can avail decorative baskets as these in their decor.  The panels of these baskets are made of jute and with few leather accents. Thereby, these elements contribute to a strong and stylish look. You may keep them on wall shelf or place them on a large table at your home, or home-office for storing up books and other supplies. Rectangular and circle shapes are often recommended for homes with a contemporary theme.

Contemporary Storage5

A basket has more use for it than simply providing storage space in the laundry room, your closet and elsewhere. Incorporate decorative baskets in different settings to enhance your home decor with their discreet use.


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