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5 Winter DIY Rugs Project

Nov 8th, 2012 By

You can choose any kind of rug for your winter home. Many people prefer warm and cozy carpets this season. But you can also use your old rug and renovate it to suit this season. This will act as an inexpensive décor. You can use rags and other materials to make a rug yourself. This is surely an interesting activity you can perform indoors

DIY Paint a Rug

You can paint a rug this winter. You may select an old carpet or simply purchase a new one and work on it. If you want to go eco friendly, then you can buy natural dyes or paints. Otherwise, some chemical dyes are also a good option. You can match the color present in the environment with that on your carpet. You can also select shades like blue, green, white, yellow and purple for this season.

DIY Stamping on Rugs

You can also print a design on your rugs. You can simply buy stamping tools for this purpose. Stencil designs are very common for carpets. If you want, you can also draw something on the carport and then paint it. There are so many patterns that you can opt for. Be it traditional or modern; see to it that it complements your home theme. You just have to spray paint on the stamp and press it firmly on your rug.

DIY Cutting a Rug

You may want change in size of the rugs that you possess. Sometimes you may need to carve out a design on your carpet. This can be done with some shearing tools or even cutter and scissors. You can make smaller rugs from a large sized rug. You can also cut out a pattern on your carpet. Select a design that will look excellent for your home theme. You can even use a rag rug for this purpose.

DIY Knitting Rugs

You can also use your free time in winter to knit a rug at home. People like to spend time with their friends and family members this season indoors. You can make this moment more jovial by involving yourself in some DIY projects. Knitting a rug is quite a wonderful activity. You can even choose material that you like. Wool and cotton is an excellent option for winter when it comes to rugs.

DIY Add Fringe to Rugs

You can also make your rug look winter friendly by adding fringes to it. This is a very simple task. You can either do it manually by hand or use a sewing machine for the same. Choose color for the fringe that matches your carpet. It will also act as an insulating material for the floors. You can even choose your desired design for fringes.


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