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6 Colorful Contemporary Rugs for Living Room

Oct 31st, 2012 By
This autumn you can decorate your rooms with some colorful contemporary rugs. You can select really awesome color shades for your carpet. Be it shag, solid or any kind of carpet, colors appeal to everyone. You can make your rooms looks bright with few of these carpets. Look into different types of the carpets you can choose for your abode

Red and Green Contemporary Rugs

Designs of leaves and vines look great on this carpet. It looks colorful because of various shades present on them. You can surely lay them in living room. It will create a focus on that particular space. You can even lay them under your coffee table. They are trendy and can look really pleasant for your home.


Gold and Blue Contemporary Rugs

The round patterns in a disciplined line make this carpet look very neat. Different color sin it makes it look more charming. You can lay it just at the door or on your pathway to living room. You can even buy decorative accessories that will compliment the shades present on this rug. You can also use it for kid’s room and other spacious rooms.


Red and Ivory Contemporary Rugs

You can also opt for this carpet for your living room. Modern patterns with gray background make this carpet best for this space. You can get a large sizes one. It will incredible on floors this fall. It has both subtle and bright shade son it. This is perfect for a serene look in home atmosphere. It will also look good in homes with minimalist décor.


Fall Themed Colorful Contemporary Rugs

This fall themed contemporary rug is really breathtaking. Presence of shades like green and brown makes it ideal for this autumn. You can use it for an informal appearance in your living room. You can also have it for any corner in other rooms. The pattern of branches spread over colorful background makes it look more gorgeous.


Purple Contemporary Rugs

This purple colored striped rug is commendable for your living room. It looks magnificent and also delivers a sophisticated look to your floor. Combination of lighter shades of purple and its dark tones makes this carpet a top priority for the living room. You can decorate other spaces also with this carpet.


Brightly Colored Contemporary Rugs

The abstract pattern created by multiple colors makes this carpet look modern. You can definitely have this for autumn themed home interiors. This fall you can use this rug for your living room. You can also have it for a refreshing look in your area. It will surely highlight the dullest of the nooks and make them look unique.



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