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6 Crystal Home Decor Accessories this winter

Nov 12th, 2012 By

You can celebrate this winter with some crystal home décor accessories. This will compliment the feel of chills and joy very well this year. You can decorate your room with these items. It will surely make your space look scintillating. You can even place some of them in home outdoors. It is almost the end of fall. You can begin preparing for cold homes from now on and plan the home design with them

Crystal Sculpture

You can opt for some frosty finish look sculptures for your home. You can choose animal sculptures for this. Aquatic creature sculpts from crystal dry ice or glass will look wonderful. You can use it as tabletop décor. You can also gift it to your loved ones. This will also look cool as a centerpiece on coffee table or dining table.

Crystal Vase

You can even get an oriental style or modern crystal vase for your home. You may even get it for your shelves and racks. It will look beautiful on fireplace mantel space as well. You can fill it with other decorative items. You may even utilize it as flower vase or as a centerpiece for tables.

Crystal Chandeliers

You can purchase crystal chandeliers for lighting your room this winter. It will really look incredible. It will provide a luxurious look in the space. You can have it for your living room. You can also accommodate this in your bedroom. It will also look classy in large rooms. You can hang it in your passageways also.

Crystal Tree

You can welcome Christmas and winter this season with lovely crystal tree. You can use it to decorate your rooms and also outdoors. Simply hang this on your doors of entrance and interiors. It will attract attention of people. You can even get it for your living room. This will highlight any room in detail.

Crystal Snowball

You can get in feel of winter season with crystal snowball. You may place it on shelves or even tables. This will act as a nice showpiece for countertops and cabinets. You can also place this in home outdoors like porch, patio and even garden. This will also work well in your bedroom and daughter’s room.

Crystal Tray

You can house parties and invite people over for meals this time with more style. You can buy some crystal trays and cutleries for your kitchen and dining room. You can serve salads, cakes and even ice cream on this type of trays. It will also look nice when you decorate a transparent glass cabinet with this.


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