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6 Designer Christmas Crib Decoration Ideas

Dec 5th, 2012 By
Christmas crib has been a tradition followed in every winter to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Every home makes a crib of this kind every Christmas. It is a great event where family and friends gather to make nativity of Christ. You can construct an elaborate or simple crib of this type for this winter. There are various ideas from which you can gain inspiration
Christmas crib is basically a representation of nativity scene of Christ’s birth. He was born in a manger. Animals, poor villagers and family were gathered around when the child of God as born. Keeping this incident in mind, St. Francis was the first one to celebrate this occasion through depiction of the same scene in a grand way. From that moment, this natural scene is constructed by people during Christmas.
Generally cribs are made from straws and thistles. This is done to give a look of farm and manger. Artificial statues and sculptures of farm animals are made. Sculptures of villagers and Christ himself are also made. The whole crib is decorated with lights and more elements. To add to this, you may even put in artificial or real snow around. This will make the space look more beautiful.
You can even beatify this are with candles or even add a Christmas tree in the vicinity. You can also embellish crib with gifts and tokens from friends and family members. You can even construct this in home interiors or outdoors. You may choose large or small statues of people to render the effect that you desire. Make use of colorful lights, especially red and yellow lights.
You can even make a simple Christmas crib in your home. You can use craft papers, cardboard’s and other materials. You may even go eco friendly and utilize mud or other natural materials for this purpose. You may attach crafted Christmas star on the manger constructed to make this region look attractive. You may set this on ground or even decorate a tabletop.
You can go for a complete traditional touch for this crib. You may put in some pebbles and stones to make this space look more natural. You may use real wood and leaves or thistles to give a classic makeover to your crib. You can buy statues of people from retail stores. Otherwise, you can also make few from mud and other materials. You can even carve out stones or wood to make these sculptures.
You can even make a Christmas crib with minimal decoration. You can put in the necessary sculptures in the background. You can even put in a proper shelter for the manger area. You may also place some natural ferns and plants in the region. You can give any look to your crib that you want. You should enjoy this day and make it look as good-looking as possible.


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