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8 Must to Do DIY Fall Projects

Nov 7th, 2012 By
This fall you can take up some interesting DIY projects for more fun filled season. You can use them to decorate your home. It will not only kill time but also allow your creative juices to flow. You can get crafty and innovative to show your talent for this season. This way you can beautify your house at a low cost. So you can buckle up and look into 8 such amazing DIY ideas for this autumn.

DIY Fall Photo Frame

You can fill up any photo frame with your artwork depicting the joy of autumn. You can even create a photo frame by yourself with help of papers, cardboard’s or tree branches. You can also use dried leaves for this purpose. You can hang them from wall. You may even use it to for display on mantel space or countertops.

DIY Fall Pumpkin Bowl

You can also use dried pumpkin cover to make a bowl for this fall. You can use it for parties and festivals. People even utilize such ideas for Halloween décor. You can also get it for outdoor weddings this season. It will look great in dining room and kitchen. You may even have it for your kid’s room.

DIY Fall Potpourri

You choose from the assortment of materials for fall potpourri. These can be dried flowers, herbs, sticks, pebbles, fruits and many other things. You can also opt for scented potpourri for this autumn. You can use this as centerpiece on special occasions. You can also place it on coffee table. You may also decorate your walls and door with them.

DIY Fall Wreath

You can knit a fall inspired wreath for your home. You can involve popular autumn shades in this. These can be colors like orange, brown, red and even yellow or green. It will surely go well with both indoors and outdoors. You may even use it to beautify windows and other surfaces. You can also decorate your fireplace and other spaces with them.

DIY Fall Paper Flower Vases

You can craft paper flower vases out of waste papers or just old colorful cardboard or sheets. You can also buy new ones and utilize shopping bags or baskets for this task. You can then fill it up with refreshing flowers found in this season. You may have it for your outdoor garden or even in home interiors.

DIY Fall Cake Stands

You cannot forget the delicacies of fall. People like to indulge in desserts and sweets this season. Cakes, chocolates and ice creams are very common. You can get artistic and make some gorgeous cake stands for your dinner table and kitchen. You can use tree trunks and branches for your task. It will also be eco friendly.

DIY Fall Autumn Leaves Wall Décor

You can use autumn leaves to decorate your home walls. This can be either real leaves or artificial ones sketched or painted from papers. You may choose a desired wall art for this DIY project. You can paint these leaves red, brown, orange, yellow and black.

DIY Fall Lanterns

You can also make tin lanterns for this fall. You can hang them in home outdoors. They will also look excellent in your home indoors. You can still sue it for winters. During Christmas, you may decorate your doors and ceilings with them.


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