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A Gray Rug That Can Create a Lasting Impression

Nov 17th, 2012 By
Gray rugs may sometimes have a dull appearance and spoil the show of your entire room. Yet some area rugs have become an attraction in the modern apartments. They have also become an inspiration for the modern fashion makers. They have used these unique rug patterns to create impressive dresses and fashion accessories. Here are a few wonderful examples that will reveal to you the true beauty of these area rugs.

About The Rug

This unique rug is hand tufted using pure New Zealand wool. It has a distinctive floral pattern that makes it everyone’s favorite. The detailed floral pattern on the floral area rugs adds a grace to your flooring which is usually rare to find.

Two color options are available for these area rugs. Each of these shades is sober and eye-soothing. You may use these rugs for the living room floors. They may even go well with bedroom floors.

About The Pattern

The pattern has gained popularity in the fashion world. Today there are world class attires and accessories available in this design and pattern. These fashion accessories are enough to impress your mates and make a style statement.

You may go for impressive tops for your jeans that have similar eye pleasing patterns. They go well as casual modern outfits. You may even come across aprons and frocks with similar patterns on them. You must opt for figure fitting attires if you wish to impress your dear ones. Choose colors that go well with your skin color.

You may even opt for key chains and handbags with a similar pattern. The pattern is so delicate and elegant that it easily catches everyone’s attention. You must make sure you select the right shade so that the show is maintained.

Home Decor and the Influence of This Pattern

This unique pattern has a great influence on home décor accessories too. There are many home décor items with amusing designs and patterns that resemble these rugs. Here is a set of unique coasters that have the same pattern as these rugs. You may even have lamps shades with the same pattern to decorate your house.


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