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Accent Rugs – Breaking Conventional Style of Interior Decoration

Aug 1st, 2013 By

When contemplating home decoration, walls and furniture tend to be in the spotlight, while floors go overlooked. In the world of interior decoration, floors are termed as the fifth wall, deserving equal attention, since they help provide a base to produce beautiful looking interiors.

Rugs are one of the important elements in interior decoration. A right kind can define a space, and infuse color and style to a decor. However, some either due to lack of knowledge or ignorance, fail to incorporate this versatile accessory. Moreover, many who do, simply buy them for their utility feature, while some who decorate their homes with it, follow the conventional ways–a rectangular shaped, large contemporary or traditional styled rugs. It is time to break the age-old pattern and explore new avenues of decorating with different kinds of rugs. One such type, which will help you inject color and textures indoors are accent rugs.

Accent Rugs

Contemporary rug orange grey 1Accent rugs are your best choice when it comes to transforming and giving interiors a fresh new look. Their purpose is to provide characteristics of an accent, which enables to create a focal point within a room. These rugs are both versatile and economical. You will find an endless variety, available in many colors, style, shapes and size. Such is their practicality; one can literally find a suitable rug for each of their rooms, whether indoors or outdoors. If you are looking to add a splash of color, warmth with a touch of creativity indoors, accent rugs is the style to go for.

Form and Type

Contemporary rug brown grey 2
Unlike regular rugs, accent rugs are found in several shapes. They help accentuate each of the rooms and the furnishings within. In case you have a small room or curved furniture, a round rug will beautifully complement the room environment. Likewise, a square accent rug goes well with a coffee table or in an industrial themed decor. A foyer or entrance way can certainly benefit from a runner. Keeping in mind that an accent rug’s primary focus is to provide vibrancy, they come in various sizes to meet each room’s requirement. Hence, they need not be large like typical rugs. Recalling their versatility aspect, their durability makes them suitable for use in high traffic areas, such as the dining room and outdoors on the deck, patio or porch. In addition, the different materials they are available in, helps add texture to a room.

Decorating with Them

Contemporary rug red brown3
Decorating can be challenging at times, however, not when prepared. When purchasing accent rugs, select ones that will match the decor of your room, choose corresponding patterns, style and colors. Use general rule of thumb while using them to create a focal point, which will direct the viewer’s eyes to a particular feature in the room. As a accent rugs never, hesitate to experiment. Remember, a mix and match can produce fantastic results. For example, homes having wall to wall carpeting can achieve a modern twist simply by having a bold colored shaped rug. Similarly, redefine the ambiance of a traditional or southwestern decor by adding a round contemporary rug with few bright hues of yellow, green and brown. Accent rugs can be used in almost any part of your home. Whether a hardwood or tiled flooring, these rugs add texture apart from protecting surfaces from damages.

Liven up Interiors

Contemporary rug grey green 4
A prime feature of accent rugs is their wide palette of colors. Accent rugs come in bright and bold colors, donning abstract patterns that do not fail to attract one’s attention. Often a living room comes to be filled with neutral shades, such as white, tan or beige. Place a colorful rug, under either the chair or the coffee table and you will observe the dull floor brighten up. Going ahead, pick more than two colors that of your rug to act as accent pillows. In like manner, they can be incorporated in several more ways nevertheless discretion is required. When choosing an accent rug, certain consideration needs to be made regarding the type of accent rug, which depends on the size and layout of a given room. Remember, along with color, pattern is equally crucial to get the look right. Use striking patterns in bright shades to break the monotony of the floors and have the living space come alive

Create a Cozy Ambiance

Contemporary rug beige 5
To create a cozy feel within indoors, be watchful not to clash either the color, design, or style of an accent rug with that of the decor. Many elements of decoration go into making a cozy ambiance. Materials top the list. When adding an accent rug in a particular space or nook, opt for wool rugs. They are a preferred choice since their textures and dense bile evokes comfort. You are free to play with other fabrics too. To create such ambiance, place a rug in a living room or sitting room where ample of space is available. Usually, open spaces are the cause behind a home having a detached feel to it. Place a pair of accent rugs to fill up that space, this will give for more of an inhabited feel. Set a theme; create a mood within the interior by bringing in complementing accent rugs.

The floor has a significant role in an interior decor. Gone are the days when rugs served only the purpose of protecting us from cold floors. Floors are crucial as the walls, so do not neglect them. Today rugs accentuate and bring dull-dreary homes to life through their color and textures. Accent rugs go a step ahead as they beautify interiors with their abstract patterns and bold shades.


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