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Achieve a Rustic Look Indoors through Braided Rugs

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Surroundings greatly affect as well as influence our well-being. Said that, there lies a certain charm in country life for it appeals many city dwellers. Most of us cannot move to the countryside, however, recreating its essence within our homes is possible. Braided floor rugs help promote such ambience.

Urban life provides convenience, opportunities, along with the chance to indulge in our choice of lifestyle. In the bargain, we tend to disconnect from our roots and nature. It comes as no surprise that our hearts often swell upon looking at a countryside picture, making an instant connection. In spite of our limitations, it is within our reach to experience the rustic feel and simplicity a country home presents. Redecorating your home using relevant decor accessories is the best option-rugs being foremost among them. Here are a few reasons why braided rugs are perfect to create a country feel indoors.

An Ideal Style

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Picture simple living and immediately country life is what comes to mind. Rural design does not hold any one particular theme, such as is the case with Victorian or Modern themes. Instead, it offers flexibility and space to blend a variety of elements, which stem from different fashions. Braided fabric covers are in line with such pattern-a mix, a blend of different materials, colors, and style. Designers often recommend its use, especially if you want to establish a country theme as they perfectly emphasize the feel.



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A mere look at braided rugs and their simple form factor becomes evident. Unlike counterparts, these floor covers are mild on flashy styling. Apparently, such feature makes it suitable for a country decor. Rural design also calls for hardwearing quality, interestingly it is the core characteristic of these floor covering. Besides being comfortable to tread on, they are sturdy and durable in nature, a fitting addition in areas attracting heavy traffic. Additionally, having a versatile form makes them a first choice for use on wood, hardwood, and tile floors. Cleaning and maintenance is rather easier as most are made of jute and cotton.


Adapts and Revives Interiors

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As highlighted earlier, such carpets are easy to incorporate in various decors. They blend in with modern, traditional, and country themes without any fuss. In a manner, their rounded personality makes them perfect for every room, such as hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Country theme often combines a mix of old and new decor elements. Braided rugs for flooring provide just the required amount of utilitarian value as well as style-one that is casual and inviting. To create a rustic tone indoors, natural fibers like cotton and jute are necessary. In addition, backed by simple patterns contribute to visually appealing interiors.

Compliments Living

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In pace with time, carpets have evolved from being mere floor coverings to interior decor accessories that beautify our homes. You can find a wide variety available, including different shapes and sizes. Long gone are the days when one could lay hands only on a rectangular or square shape.  Oval and round braided rugs have become increasingly popular and a hit with designers. Reason, they provide excellent decorating freedom. Such shapes tend to add visual effect and a touch of coziness, a vital aspect to country living. Well-chosen fiber flooring holds each element of a room including furniture together.

Opt for braided carpets if you are of the mind that prefers a home with a warm and comfortable look, a rather casual than formal appeal. Make sure you pair them with relevant decorative items and wrought iron or timber furniture for they are great for rustic decoration.


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