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Add a Coastal Twist to Your Home Decor

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Summer echoes sun, surf and sand. It sets the stage for a hearty indulgence with nature, especially the sea. If you miss the beach with all its elements and your home whines for a change from the rigid conventional decor. Bring in the sunshine and spread the warmth of summer indoors through coastal style decor.

Statistics around the globe state beaches to be the most popular destination all year round and specially during summers with locals and tourist alike. It is altogether a different world out there; readers from coastal regions will affirm with thumbs up! Today, many are in favor of incorporating natural or nature inspired elements into the nook of their homes to connect with nature. One can beautify their decor and benefit from the application of coastal inspired accessories, which overall, tend to have a calming effect. A beach theme decor calls for a casual and mellow style. Take a cue from the below listed ideas that highlight 3 prominent ways, through which you can give your indoors a coastal twist.

Splash Colors – Paint Vibrant Hues

Paint Vibrant Hues1


Wall Paint

Choose bright and vibrant colors for walls. Preferably, paint them white, since they are good as a base color, whereas a hint of cream will also do. Do not hesitate to use bold colors like red, orange, green and blue and their various hues. Combine few solid shades with white on each wall to give a lively feel to you walls. Pair light and dark tones consistently, they will assist to achieve a cohesive coastal feeling in the room.

Wall Art

Surfboards make for fantastic wall art. Their distinct shape makes them stand out. In addition, abstract and equivalent floral designs backed by bold-colorful tones give them an edge over other art forms. Hang a couple of boards in your living room that sport engaging colors such as bright orange, turquoise and lemon yellow. If you do not have a thing for surfboard, opt for coastal theme paintings instead, though make sure it has a dash of loud colors to it.


Numerous accessories can be implemented in a room to beach up your home. Seaside accessories are best for the job. They help achieve a coastal feel. So feel free to pick a beach glass decorative, a coral vase, paperweights, candleholders, a nautical table lamp and other relevant articles. However, make sure to pick them in soft neutral hues of blue and green. Place them around your room to add a hint of energy. These accessories will serve as highlights across a space.


Go bold; use a palette of blue, green and brown shades with either dark or light hues for furniture, so to contrast walls and other decorative items in line with the beach theme.  Brown and white is a favorite with many coastal dwellers. Team the appliances with contrasting or similar color cushions and covers. Do not hesitate, follow the mix and match principle for your furniture.


Decorate with Accents – Highlight Seashells




Tassels are widely used as a decorative ornament; they are popularly associated with luxurious living. Make no mistake; they look equally good in a casual setting too. When it comes to beach decor, infuse a rustic feel indoors through use of accents in the form of seashells tassels. Hang them anywhere around your home, on bookshelves, curtain rods, knobs, bed and hooks.


Another way to beautify a room, especially tabletops is using decorative candles.  Keeping in line with the theme, seashell-designed candles will be great additions. They tastefully reflect art and function; you probably will never feel like lighting them up.  Place them directly on a table, kitchen tops or a wall shelf in your living room, bedroom and the study room. These accents help create a coastal aura.


Interior designers over the years have given mirrors a different perspective-they even serve as versatile decor accessories. Now, they are much in use beyond their basic purpose. Give a twist to your wall by adding a seashell-embedded mirror. The numerous seashells of different size, shapes and color add an element of texture to a room. It is a perfect inspirational accent to correspond a beach theme decor.


Be prepared to be amazed with the variety of seashell centerpieces available for use as decor accents. You probably may get overwhelmed with their intricate designs, style and forms in which they are incorporated. For example, a table centerpiece that serves as a candleholder made of seashells in the form of a flower adds exquisiteness to a room. The nature-inspired designs enhance a surrounding where it is placed.


Emphasize with Prints – Coastal Prints

Coastal Prints3


Outdoor Pillows

Brightly colored prints carrying coastal motifs such as corals, fish and seashells complement the ambiance of a beach-inspired theme to a large degree. A set of printed outdoor pillows are apt for your sun porch or the home garden where most of the leisure activities happen during summers. Club a series of various prints and recreate in a little space the elements, which will act as a reminiscent of the sea.

Shower Curtain

Make your shower time all the more fun with marine inspired printed curtains. To give a touch of it, go for motifs that best describe the theme. Add a curtain incorporating marine life forms like an octopus outstretching its tentacles; it doesn’t get crazier than this. Apart from the bathroom, adorn your living room and bedrooms with appropriate styled curtains. For example, you may install a pale green or turquoise curtain with prints of starfish in your kid’s room.

Bed Linen

Introduce the coastal theme in your bedroom through printed bed linen. There are several patterns and prints that you may choose. Some of the dominant ones are prints are of coral fans, waves and nautical elements. To add an effect of waves indoors, use an ocean inspired print, which comes in a beautiful blend of blue and ivory.

Area Rug

Floor coverings are a popular ways to decorate one’s home. Rugs are among the most versatile accessory that mix form and function. These add beauty and help create a theme in your decor. A coral inspired print in the form of a contemporary rug made of wool will give your floors a tasteful look in line with the beach theme.

Whether you live near or away from the sea, bring in the elements; create a mellow aura of the coast-the beach within your home. Pep up your style of living by incorporating coastal theme through colors, accents and prints.


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