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Add Authenticity to your Home using Oriental Rugs

May 20th, 2013 By

 Are you a person who takes delight in contemporary art? Do you have a keen interest in traditions and a fondness towards eastern culture? If yes, your home may highlight this fascinating tastefully. Oriental rugs are one of the finest means you may use for this purpose.

An oriental rug stands out for its unique beauty, intricate designs along with a relevant touch of former times. One may consider it as a souvenir, a souvenir that connects present with the past. Bring in this moment feeling into your very homes with use oriental rugs as a home décor accessory.They represent an era of beauty, art and authenticity.

A Master among Rugs

If you are, contemplating on giving a classic, contemporary, rich and authentic look to your home interiors. Oriental rugs best serve that purpose. These rugs are high quality by nature, available in various attractive designs-patterns and come in multiple combinations of colors. These rugs are extensively hand made with distinct themes or patterns to it. Thereby a consumer gets a variety to choose from; enabling him or her to personalize their space with suitable patterns to adorn their home décor.

Oriental Rug1


Overwhelm Curious Eyes

Your guests are bound to take a strong liking to these famed rugs.The highlight of oriental rugs is that they come in a series of miniature as well as large intricate patterns. Nature and floral motifs are the recurring themes in them.   Furthermore, the colors chosen are ones that carry the spirit of the orient.

Oriental Rug2


A Seat of Luxury

Oriental carpets are the things about living room, study room or even in the bedrooms. They are primarily made of wool, 100% New Zealand wool and Indian as well. Overall,this adds to their rich luster. These carpets are visually effective besides being attractive, in that they soften the appearance of wooden and stone floors.In addition, to their elite legacy, these are hand woven by skillful artisans.

Oriental Rug3


Arresting Visuals

As expensive there are, oriental rugs contribute a significant presence to your home décor. Therefore, it is wise that you put plastic runners to them so to protect their original appearance, texture and feel caused due to occasional accidents, like water spills and the likes. Doing so will extend its looks for many years to come. Restrain from using harsh chemicals for cleaning these rugs. Instead, it needs to be hand washed in water. Apparently,this is the traditional method, which has been in use for centuries and guarantees the rugs originality.

Oriental Rug4


Array of Cultures

Oriental rugs are a product of numerous cultures, sustained in various countries. You are likely to get yourself overwhelmed with learning the variety and types available in markets. Arabia, Persia, Kurdistan, China, Tibet and few other countries for centuries have been the source of oriental rugs and continue to, to this day. Therefore, as an end consumer, you are treated to a wide platter of choice.With a chance to experience and treasure, several cultures all through a rug.

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Indulge yourself, your home décor in the aura of authenticity and art. Decorate your interiors with oriental rugs.


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