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Add Flavor to Your Floors with Braided Rugs

Jun 4th, 2013 By

The floor of a house is popularly termed as the fifth wall. Ignore it and your sincere efforts on creating a great looking home decor will be similar to that of serving a half-baked pie. Embarrassing, is it not? Floors are equally important. Give your floors a dash of flavor by integrating braided rugs with them.

If you are keen on adding a floor cover that has a combination of fantastic colors, intricate textures and durability to them without the need to worry about the years to come, then a braided rug is your best choice. Besides being suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these rugs add a certain element of aesthetics to your home.

Decorate Your Space

While decorating your home it is vital that you get the look right, which calls for following a theme. Braided rugs possess a unique look and feel, courtesy to their manner of make. Their fine weave is what sets them apart from other rugs. This adds to their visual appeal, which in turn makes them for a good floor decor choice. One can use these floor covers under various settings due to their impeccable combination of form and functionality.

Blue Braided Rugs1

When Appearance Matter

Among the many materials within a home decor, wood is the popular choice for furniture and other home decor accessories. Braided rugs tend to pair well with wooden furniture and therefore a prime choice with interior decorators when it comes to executing a regal theme decor. Apparently, these rugs gel with modern contemporary designs as well. With adequate care,these rugs can last for a very long time.

Brown Braided Rug2

Color Yourself

Braided rugs make for an excellent prop if you intend to play around with colors and patterns. These are available in distinctive designs, which stand unique and contemporary in style.Their vibrant colors make for a striking home decor, thereby adding energy and a certain element of character to a room. Many of these rugs prominently sport dark toned fine lines over its surface in contrast to a bright background. This aspect contributes in making them look outstanding.

Orange Braided rug3

Add Authenticity

Many appreciate a touch of authenticity in their home decor. Braided rugs do well to contribute this factor. They are originally hand woven and made up of cotton. With a hint of warm colors and textured patterns, the overall effect is pleasing. As seen in the image here, a copper tone rug blend in beautifully within a contemporary styled home interior. Accentuating the wooden furnishings and complementing the room’s theme.

Gold Braided Rug4

Highlight Your Nature

Often braided rugs are associated with the countryside. They reflect a character of toughness, warmth and a sublime rustic appeal to them.This combination in itself makes them stand unique. Their versatile nature makes them a favorite for many. You may team them with multiple kinds of floor and decor styles. Though wood is the foremost choice. At the same time, they are efficient and withstanding by nature. Therefore, you can have them indoors, outdoors and in several other places where you require a reliable floor cover.

Green Braided Rug5

Spur up your home environment with use of braided rugs and watch every day your interiors enliven to an appetite of fun and flavor.


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