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Add Peerless look to your home by Tribal rugs

Jan 11th, 2012 By

Traditional sand rug

Tribal Rugs are some other same as oriental rugs as they portray tribal culture with fine styli shed and geometric design that add traditional look to your home décor. Tribal decorative patterns are mostly weaved by villagers and nomads. This great form of art is practiced by tribal group ranging from Central Asia Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. These decorative pattern is not only used for making area rugs but also seen on every day usage articles such as storage sacks, ground covers, wall hangings, animal trappings, saddlebags and tent hangings etc

Tribal Rugs are attached snugly to the pairs of warps which have a lush pile woven in minute sections of dyed yarn. Each knot is covered separately; excerpting the yarn before the subsequent knot and then following each weft are inserted and stressed down. This unique weaving style makes Tribal Rugs stand out from other rugs in the world.

Tribal Rugs are intended with versatile patterns and designs which even reflect some important phase of the weaver’s life. They are bond together with traditional designs such as religious, talismanic, totemic that gives superior look to an exclusive tribal rug making your floor luxurious. Tribal Rugs sometime even depict struggle between good and bad which makes it unique in its own way. They are generally piled with woolen and cotton fabric or other natural fibers like camel hair, silk, and mohair. Thus Tribal Rugs are eco-friendly by nature which not only brings warmth to your feet but are superb decorative article.

Tribal Rugs weft threads are often tied together with different colored yarn that does not matches the interior color of the rug making them diverse from others.  Tribal Rugs are even seen with the motifs of birds and animals depicted against geometric background with simple border which will add delight to your home.
Typically Tribal Rugs are sturdier than other fine oriental rugs and hence can be cleaned easily. But a thicker pile gives more room for filth and gnash to settle deep into the rug which should be cleaned much more often. You can gently vacuum both the sides of the rug two or three times but before that secure their edges with needles and thread. Drench it in Luke warm water by adding some soft detergent. Rinse it thoroughly and if you still find any stains on it you can add one spoon of white vinegar to the washing solution. Do not machine wash or bleach the rug and keep it away from the reach of direct sun as this prone to lose its fabric.

Tribal Rugs will enthrall traditional look to the ambience and you’ll love being home.


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