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Add Spontaneity to Your Home with Shag Rugs

Jun 12th, 2013 By

This summer bring home one the hottest rug trends of our times. Decorate your rooms with the distinct shag rugs and pep up your interiors with this stylish and versatile floor cover.

Shag rugs are easily and often associated with the 60s and 70s era. The reason is obvious and noticeable; it is due to their loud and flashy designs and colors. Add to that the bushy and fuzzy appearance, makes up for its signature look. These rugs are back from time and very much in vogue today. Incorporate these fantastic floor covers within your home decor and see your home come alive, sporting a vibrant and energetic appearance to it.


 Add Sparkle to Contemporary

A shag rug can prove to be a perfect addition to a house with contemporary interiors to it. Contemporary design usually reflects a clean and modern appeal. Add a bright, fuzzy looking rug and the result is a chic looking room. Place a bright colored floor cover against a dark floor and see the size of your room amplify. These are fitting for living rooms, especially of small homes where space is crucial.

Add Sparkle to Contemporary 1


Enhance Minimalism

Placing a shaggy looking rug in a room, which is arranged on the principles of minimalist design, will add a certain dash of zing and elegance in par with the overall theme of your room. This maintains the theme of your room while adding a natural feel. In addition, when paired with wooden furniture and a wooden floor, it complements the room’s overall ambiance as seen in the image here.

Enhance Minimalism 2


Spruce Up the Modern

Every modern home decor can benefit with a shag rug. Choose a floor cover that blends with your room furnishing color wise and pattern wise. In case of a modern decor, opt for a wool rug with a single color and fuzzy look, these gel up well. For instance, team up a Celiman green color rug with green or cream tone furnishing as seen here. Place them under a centerpiece glass table and magnify the surroundings.

Spruce Up the Modern 3


Create a Style

A bedroom can be a good place to experiment with shag rugs due to the variety of colors and designs available. You may opt to seasonally replace them, trying out different designs. Moreover, having one in your bedroom is suitable as besides covering the floor and providing warmth during winters, they are comfortable to sit over too. You may club them with retro, classic and romantic theme decors, which tend to suit these floor covers.

Create a Style 4


Beauty Ambiance

A contemporary styled shag rug is your key to create pleasing ambiance indoors. Go for soft tones like tan and place it in the center of a room such as a living room, guest room or library. Furthermore, choose polyester made rug for these areas since they tend to have high traffic compared to other rooms. An appropriate chosen floor cove will beautifully hold together your room’s furnishing, playing as a centerpiece.

Beauty Ambiance 5

Beautify your home decor with snazzy shag rugs and watch your interiors exude spontaneity with elegance.


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