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Adorn your home by beautiful ornaments with Runner Rugs

Jan 3rd, 2012 By

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Why Runner Rugs are good for your floors?

Runner Rugs are very adjustable and ductile and do not occupy too much space. It can be moved from one area to another; you can even change the position of the rug and rotate it in any direction to avoid heavy traffic areas. These rugs are very beautiful in nature and can be kept either at the hallways or at the entrance. It can warm any space when associated with bathrooms and bedrooms.

You can place runner rugs on the staircase and under it for safety and secure. The big difference between runner rugs and other rugs is this that runner rugs are long in length as compared to the width. It truly eccentric and its features makes runner rugs stand in the crowd.

Types of runner rugs:

The most common type of rug is the Contemporary runner rugs that can be used in any areas which defines it. The designs come in Persian and oriental, geometrical designs, solid animal prints and colors, hand tufted, hand woven or machine made.

The other type of rug is the kitchen rug which carried themes like fruits, vegetables, bowls etc. It makes your kitchen look simply stunning and elegant when placed in front of the refrigerator or at the sink. The next type of rug is the bathroom rugs which are placed in the bathroom and best suites the tiles like marbonite and lanolin. These are mostly in stripped pattern in an elongated way to make your bathroom look bigger and better when paired with brilliant light bulbs.

Then its outdoor rugs which is more trendy and modern and make any dull boring room an interesting one. The colors used are minimal and the print is made natural. You can use in the backyard of your garden or simply lay it at the hallways. Kids rugs have cartoon prints on them with other vivid primary and secondary colors. This also allows them to concentrate on their studies and other activities too.

Washing instructions :

These rugs protect the environment and stand any wear and tear. These rugs do need good care and maintenance. To remove the loose dirt and debris, just gently shake the rug upside down. Vacuum the rug in a low suction so that the edges get cleaned up well. Clean it with a mild solution of detergent added to a cup of warm water and some amount of white vinegar. Blot spills immediately with a clean cloth.

Use rug pads to provide your family the needed security and safety. Always buy the right size and kind of rug and place them under the rug such that the corners are not seen.


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