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All the Pros and Cons of Solid Area Rugs

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Solid area rugs are rugs that have a single shade. They may either be plain or have simple patterns. The patterns are also made with variations of a single shade. These look attractive especially under the impact of lighting in your room.


Solid Area Rugs May Be Woven From Different Materials

The Solid area rugs can be made from different materials. These materials may be natural or synthetic. Each material has a different set of advantages.

Advantages of Natural Solid Rugs

Solid rugs woven from natural fibers do not have any harmful effects on the surroundings. The processing of natural solid rugs involves natural processes. No toxic chemicals are released by these carpets. They do not hamper the surroundings.
They are available in several natural shades. This matches well with the traditional décor of apartments. The visual flow is maintained.

Advantages of Synthetic Solid Rugs

The synthetic materials are usually weatherproof. They can resist harsh weather conditions. They are ideal for high traffic areas. They come in many different textures too.
The synthetic rugs come in many different price ranges depending on the material used to make the area rug. You have to choose the right material so that the flooring is comfortable.

Types of Solid Area Rugs

There are many different types of Solid Area Rugs. Here we have listed a few of the major types.

Solid Braided Rugs

These are braided rugs of a single shade. These are made by following the process of braiding. You may use these rugs for placing in the kitchen or passageways.

Solid Plain Rugs

Solid plain rugs are rugs that are very simple and elegant. They add a touch of class to your floors.

Solid Contemporary Rugs

These are solid rugs with modern patterns. The pattern may either be geometric or inspired from nature. They go best with modern furniture.

Solid Floral Rugs

These are solid rugs with intricate floral patterns on their surface. They easily attract everyone. You can place these in your living room floors.

Solid Shag Rugs

This is one of the most common varieties among solid rugs. These have a longer pile which makes them the first choice for living room floors.

Solid Rugs with Borders

If you search in the market, you may even come across solid rugs with well-defined borders. The border may be of a different hue or shade.

Tips to Purchase Solid Area Rugs

Here are some suggestions and guidelines to buy solid area rugs.

  •   Always buy solid rugs from reliable rug vendors.
  •   Assess the color of the carpet and make sure that it is the shade you wish to purchase.
  •   Always check the warranty of the solid rug before you purchase it.
  •   Do not let the carpets fade. Place them away from direct sunlight.
  •   Purchase the carpets during festive occasions. This way you can avail of discounts and offers which save a lot of money.
  •   Research the price of the area rugs before you make a purchase.

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