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Amazing Patterns to Turn Home to Haven

Nov 19th, 2012 By

There are some rug patterns that are very distinctive and eye-catchy. They easily draw your attention. Some of these rug patterns even have a great influence on the fashion world. Here is a perfect example of an area rug that easily impresses everyone.

About The Pattern

The rug we have chosen here is a distinctive floral rug that blends well with traditional as well as modern home interiors. It comes in two different shades. You may use it to decorate your living room or guest room floors.

Pattern to Furnish

You will also come across many home décor items that have this unique pattern drawn on them. Here is a very stool with fabric cover on the seat. The pattern on the seat is the same distinctive floral pattern. It is colorful and fashionable.

Pattern to Dress

You will be amazed to see the influence of this pattern in the fashion world. There are some very pretty ladies dresses that have the same distinctive floral pattern on them. They easily make you look pretty in a jiffy. Here is a skirt which is very simple and elegant. You may wear it when you chill out with your friends.

Pattern and Bags

Bags are a woman’s best companion. You must have an attractive and stylish handbag to carry along. There are many different types of handbags and carry bags that you may carry along to reveal your stylish choices. Here are some stylish examples.

Pattern And Attractive Accessories

There are many attractive accessories with the same eye soothing pattern. You may pick a camera cover handle with the floral pattern. You may even have attractive key chains with the same floral pattern.

There are even a few attractive gadget covers with the same unique pattern. You may use these covers to cover your iPad. You may even store your favorite musical instruments in these unique covers that have floral patterns on them. This will help you maintain the instrument intact and in good condition.


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