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Amazing Rugs to Add Grace to Your Floors

Mar 1st, 2013 By

Rugs are ideal to cover your floors. They protect the floors from dirt, filth and deterioration. The rugs come in several sizes and dimensions. You have to select a rug that blends well with your room’s interiors. Here are a few examples of rugs to cover floors of various rooms and passages.

Modern Rugs for Brown Rooms

The rug shown in the image is a brown area rug. The rug falls in the category of modern area rugs. These are woven from pure New Zealand wool. The pattern of the rug is modern.  At the center of the rug, there are leafy patterns of light brown shade. The outer area is of a dark brown shade. The rug will go best on light colored home interiors.

Multicolored Modern Rug for the Passage

Here is a unique modern rug that has two three different colors with which the abstract pattern is made. The pattern on the rug is simple. It has two three rectangles the center. The rectangles are made of different shades like brown, red and gold. The major portion of the rug is plain gold colored. There are snaky patterns at the four corners of the rug. You may use these rugs to cover your passageways.

Colorful Modern Rug with Abstract Patterns

This is a multicolored area rug. The pattern is a stunning abstract pattern. The pattern uses four distinct colors like orange, black, yellow and ivory. The pattern resembles the flow of colors. It appears as if all the colors are flowing towards the center. This will give a stylish appeal to your passageway.It is essential to cover your passageway with the rugs so that the passageway stays neat and tidy.

Attractive Brown Designer Rug

Here is a modern designer rug inspired from nature. The pattern of the rug resembles a cut kiwi cross section. The rug can perfectly match small bedroom floors. This will blend perfectly with brown bedrooms. You must make sure you maintain the rug properly so that it continues to stay attractive.


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