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Ancient Calling: Traditional Rugs in Rooms

Jul 8th, 2013 By

Everyone hypes modern accessories and living style. Blending contemporary with ancient ideas can grant a fine design concept for home interiors. You can get traditional rugs and fit them in room interiors to go with the theme of the area. These carpets will deliver smooth look to floors. Here is a sneak peek into some of these fabric covers

Bring the sweetness of red shade alive in rooms with traditional rugs. Match these with red chandelier and accessories. You can create a contrast with white furniture and subtle shaded walls and paints. This design concept can be best for living room and dining areas. Use these carpets to update other spaces in home interiors.

Traditional Blue Rug1

Introduce royal colors to dining rooms with burgundy carpets. These can go with the furniture and wall decals of the area. If you want to keep the appearance of this area formal, then choose simple wood furniture along with hardwood floors. These accents will complement vintage fabric flooring. You may consider fine tabletop accents like fruits, potpourri and candles to beautify this area.

Traditional Burgundy Rug2


Add Rustic Glow to Home Interiors

How can you deliver modern touch to an ancient themed room? Can you do it with traditional rugs? Yes, surely you can. Choose bold patterned brown ancient carpets that inspire the design of the areas in rooms. The illustrations on the carpets can be floral print, animal figures, hunting scenes and even abstract patterns. Please the eyes of your guests by beautifying a recreation area with similar fabric covers.

Brown Traditional rug3

Redeem the beauty of retro times with sand brown carpets. Complement these with flowerpots and vases. You may choose such fabric covering for living area near the television console. These carpets can be ideal for transitional and southwestern styled rooms. Deliver a touch of wonder with these floor covers to upgrade a playroom of your children.

Brown Traditional rug4


Primitive Designs for Cottage Homes

Grant a sassy, groovy and fun inspired backsplash to the walls. Along with this, install few more wall accents. Get white toned fabrics and paints to revamp rooms. Put in rustic flowerpots and racks to integrate ancient style. Add black floral rugs to the floors to render immaculate appearance to the area. Candle chandeliers can help in remodeling rooms for better look.

Black Traditional rug5

Red traditional carpets can make recreation rooms look awesome. Especially with translucent drapes and colorful blinds, these floor coverings can look lovely. Choose unique shaped accessories and sport inspired accents to beautify these areas. To provide rugged appearance to home surroundings, use stone structures and sculptures. You can also use brick walls and fireplace for cottage homes.

Red Traditional Rug6

Use the above-mentioned traditional rugs to get an instant upgrade for home interiors. Match the accents with the floor covers and walls to get up-to-date look for rooms. Recreate ancient and vintage themed look with help of grained polish furniture and wall stuffing. Choose inspirational DIY crafts and objects to induce excitement in the areas. So, get ready to grant a new look to your home this season with these design ideas.


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