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Animal Print Rugs Express New Generation Flooring

Sep 2nd, 2013 By

When fashion’s craze is downing everyone’s senses into glamor world, there is a lot more to explore in the 21stcentury. Home design and accessories have been overtaken by the tide of designer oriented styles and inputs. Novel flooring covers reflecting modern patterns are one of such contemporary listings in room decors. So, experience Animal print rugs, forte of new generation flooring

Interior designing is seeing a new facelift. With laminates, vinyl and coatings crowding the market when it comes to flooring, carpets seem to have dimmed in appeal. But, the thought can be a mere assumption, as fraternizing patterns have jolted home design with more than just plain fabric covers. Animal print rugs are perfect set of examples that will set the ball rolling when it concerns trendiest floor covers.

Animal print Rugs Gold Zebra 1

Marble, tile, granite, stone or hardwood surfaces need not lie bare anymore. Grace it with prickliest of designs. More than just a collection of accents like sculptures, lamps, figurines, furniture to envelope room, carpets can stand out to be a raw deal in improving the appearance of our surroundings. Be it indoors or outdoors, these products can be an exceptional means to revamp any nook.

So, you may begin exploring new avenues in room designs with such passionate examples of style, color, print and comfort. Here are some flooring suggestions inspired from the skin patterns of animals.


Zebra Print

The most popular of all the fiber art is black and white zebra print carpets. Variation in shades may be seen to include modernity. For kid’s room, there are vibrant shades like pink, red, brown and yellow to experiment with in these products.

Teenagers and youngsters definitely approve of such patterns in not only clothing but also flooring. So, selection of fine handmade, natural and shaggy carpets of these kinds are surely a big yes for home interiors.

Animal leopard print White Rug 2 


Leopard Print

Leopards are ferocious creatures, but their skin patterns are equally appealing. So, designers are quite inspired from such patterns. You will find its influences in wall arts, accessories, clothing a lot more. A resemblance is also seen in animal print rugs.

These come in subtle and vivid tones of brown, sand yellow, black and gold. Such products can settle nicely in rooms bearing traditional and cottage design. However, many of modern room interiors also display these majestic carpets.

Animal print giraffe brown Rugs 3


Giraffe Print

If you love simplicity and eye pleasing accessories, then giraffe skin patterns are most expressive to go with when it comes to room accessories and flooring cover choices. Carpets bearing influence of giraffe skin designs look very beautiful.

These can become focal attraction in living and guest areas. Runners and stair treads with similar designs appear much more attractive in country and vintage themed houses. So, you may consider buying such flooring covers online and beautifying your home this season with these accents.


Tiger Skin Inspired

Tigers anyways give me Goosebumps, but their beauty almost captures my heart. Obviously, I would not hunt them for anything, but I certainly like to see many of the home accessories and fashion garments of new generation inspired from the patterns of this creature’s skin.

Most often, carpets that portray gleeful designs of tiger stripes are quite awing to senses. These are sometimes an ideal replica of the creature’s shape and color. This is a definite product to select from online stores to keep up with interior design trends.

Animal print  brown rugs 4


Deer, Crocodile and Fur

Animal skin spots, texture, color and fur have become a growing trend in flooring design for new generation. It amuses to know that right from coats, hats to carpets, such inspiration go on its infectious parade through accessories and many more objects.

Fabric covers reflecting deer sports and texture of crocodile skin are quite a royal accent to possess in homes. Similarly, haute fur and mink trimmings for fringes and carpet ends are quite enticing in this century’s fabric floor covers.

Animal print cream brown rugs 5

You can refer the artful accents shown here to decorate your rooms this season. There are myriad options in their shapes and sizes at our site. These are handmade at our store, weaved from natural materials of high quality. Look out for constant sale offers and discounts for more benefits. Choose from other rug categories to get through more such joyful flooring covers. These carpets are apt for any kind of home designs and layouts. Hence, these are great fabric accessory for the season’s décor.

All the above-mentioned animal print rugs are in fad. You may find some of these at our online store at affordable price. As autumn is approaching, seasonal picks can be flooring covers made from cotton, jute and seagrass. If you still need fiber flooring that renders soft touch to feet, then you can choose the ones made from wool with shaggy texture.


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