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Attractive Area Rugs For Splendid Looking Homes

Mar 30th, 2013 By

Area rugs actually change the appearance of your floors. Attractive area rugs are always an asset. There are many different types of area rugs which you may use to cover and protect your floors. Here are some exquisite area rugs that match the apartment floors. They add to the beauty of the rooms.

Multicolored Artistic Rugs

Here is a bedroom with simple attractive wall arts stuck to its walls. The wall arts are colorful and artistic. The rug you use in the room should also be equally colorful and artistic. Here is an example of a multicolored area rug. The pattern is made from curvy lines. The pattern is definitely bright colored and unique.


Stylish Artistic Area Rugs

Here is a modern bedroom with colorful and bright wall arts on each of the walls in the room. The walls are plain colored and these artistic wall arts look great on these walls. Here is a multicolored rug that will aptly fit in with the décor of the room. The pattern on this multicolored rug is also an abstract pattern. The colors used are pink, green, yellow and blue.

Attractive Green Shag Rugs

Some people prefer cool colors for their bedrooms. Here is a very attractive bedroom which has cool colored bedsheets. The room looks classy. You can use shag rugs to protect the floors of these rooms. Here are polka dotted green shag rug which suits the room perfectly.

Modern Round Pattern Rug

The rugs may often have geometric patterns on their surface. These patterns look very impressive. The pattern perfectly matches the sofa set fabrics. This will help to retain the visual flow amongst patterns. The rug pattern is made from shades of brown, beige and ivory.

Brown Attractive Modern Rug

The rugs are often inspired from nature. Their patterns are natural and vibrant. Here is a brown area rug. The pattern is that of a hummingbird sucking honey from a flower. The rug matches the decor in the room making it even more attractive.


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