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Attractive Contemporary Designs That Beautify Living Rooms

Jan 31st, 2013 By

Some living rooms are furnished colorfully. They easily draw anyone’s attention. Most often we forget that the design of the cushions or other fabrics used are what lure you. Here is an attractive area rug pattern that is visible on sofa cushions too. The pattern is modern and makes the living room appear enchanting.

About the Pattern


The pattern on the rug is a curvilinear pattern. It has curves that resemble an artistic portrayal of a flower or a butterfly. This pattern can go with geometric patterns of living room décor. It easily draws everyone’s attention.

About the Color Options

There are two distinct color options available in this type of rug. The two color options among these rugs are brown and blue. You can use a brown rug if you have brown wooden flooring in your living room.
You may use the blue rug with the same pattern to cover the floors of lively colored living rooms. It will go well with the nautical theme of living rooms as these usually uses cool shades.

Décor to Match the Area Rug

You have to be wise when you select a rug for the living room. The living room rugs should perfectly complement the cushions and other fabrics that are used in the living room. The room looks attractive when everything in the room matches perfectly.
You may even come across color options for cushions with the same designs in the market. You must select cushions that match your living room interiors.

Tips To Buy Area Rugs for Living Rooms

There are several factors you must remember when you buy area rugs for living rooms. Here I am listing a few important factors.

  • You must measure the area where you are planning to place the rug. This will help you have the dimensions of the rugs you plan to buy.
  • You must know which shape will go best with your living room interiors. The most common rugs are definitely rectangular rugs.
  • Make sure you purchase the rug from a reliable retailer. This will help you stay assured of the quality of the rug.


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