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Attractive Paper Crafts to Decorate Homes

Jan 21st, 2013 By
There are several ways to teach your kids to lead a sustainable life. One way is to teach them to decorate their homes with DIY crafts. Kids are talented and often make attractive crafts. Use these to decorate your apartment in style.

Hummingbird Paper Wall Art

This is a wall art made from paper. It creatively depicts a hummingbird sucking honey from a flower.

Paper Rooster Wall Arts

You can make this rooster all by yourself. This can be used to add color to your dull walls. These go well with stylish décor of modern apartments.

Paper Bunny

You can even make cute bunnies using paper. These are really cute and creative. Kids will surely love these.

Paper Fairies

These are fairy themed crafts made of paper. These can even be used to decorate your table tops. They can be an added attraction in your simple living room.

Paper Watering Can

This is a craft that resembles a watering can. It is simple and perfect to add to your kid’s room décor.

Paper Flower Crafts

You can make many different flower themed crafts using simple rolls of paper. Here are two wonderful examples. These are not just colorful but elegant too.

Paper Bouquets

You can even make bouquets of paper. These are really creative and colorful.

Paper Safari

Have you chosen to decorate your room with a safari or tropical theme? You can then opt for the safari themed paper crafts to decorate your room in style.

Paper Chicks

These are cute and cuddly chickens made from paper. Your kids will surely love to have these crafts in their house. They are easy to make. You can refer any DIY site to know how to make it.

Toilet Paper Roll Paper Crafts

These are crafts made from toilet paper rolls. It is a very diligent and intelligent way to make use of waste.

Paper Rainbow Crafts

You can even use papers to make attractive rainbow crafts. These are best to add color to your apartment interiors.


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