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  • Mar 26th, 2014 By Jessie Curry
        Rugsandblinds.com is delighted to offer our customer the fascinating collection from Jaipur Rugs.  India's largest manufacturer of hand knotted rugs, known globally as a leader in hand-woven rugs category. The artistic designs, tantalizing color combinations and the comfort feel of our products make JAIPUR's rugs ... Read More
  • Jan 30th, 2014 By Jessie Curry
    Cosmo Shag is a plush, hand-made construction tufted with a thick yarn for density and comfort combined with a thin, high luster yarn for a dramatic, textural effect. Fashion-forward colors such as indigo, teal blue, flamingo pink, deep lilac and creamsicle will add personality to ... Read More
  • Jan 20th, 2014 By Jessie Curry
    Experts through in-depth studies and calculated research have come to associate color having therapeutic effects. It affects our emotions and influences our overall wellbeing. Chromotherapy also called color therapy confirms it. Nature-inspired rugs make an excellent choice to evoke a sense of warmth and vibrancy ... Read More
  • Jan 17th, 2014 By Jessie Curry
    A life without color is sure to be dull, bland and boring. They bring meaning to our life and infuse an element of visual interest to everything they are added. Each color represents a unique quality, which when applied enhances a form and complements its ... Read More
  • Jan 8th, 2014 By Jessie Curry
    The value of a canvas depends on its use. If unused, a blank one is simply irrelevant. An artist's brush is what completes its purpose and adds a new dimension to it. In like manner, pattern is the lifeblood of home design. It adds interest ... Read More
  • Jan 4th, 2014 By Jessie Curry
    While winter may paint the landscape white, it often leaves little or no room for other colors to flourish. Too much white brings to mind feelings associated to emptiness, detachment and imply a lack of vitality. Do not let it mar the atmosphere of your ... Read More
  • Dec 31st, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    With dawn of 2014 and our transition into the new year, it is just about the right time for us to embrace and implement new found concepts and design ideas, which are results of ongoing understanding of our surroundings as well as of our increasing ... Read More
  • Dec 24th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    As the year ends, the holiday season makes way for 2014. Once more, we have an opportunity to start fresh, explore new avenues and accomplish a lot with change. Homeowners and fashion enthusiasts, add a touch of innovation to the interiors by adopting the color ... Read More
  • Dec 16th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    Each season holds its unique charm and aura perceived through its patterns and colors. Every year, nature revives itself–its magnificent splendor. As this year ends, a new one awaits close on the horizon to reveal nature's surreal bounty once more, all anew! In line to ... Read More
  • Dec 10th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    The bathroom is an essential room, important, as are other rooms in a house. It is a functional area; however, even this space deserves personalization and timely updates. This though does not translate to high-end renovations requiring elaborate reconstruction. Perhaps, a bathroom rug is all ... Read More
  • Dec 5th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    Snowballing outside, or enjoying a hot mug of coffee in home interiors? Winter is a time when people decide to retire indoors and spend quality time with their family and friends. This makes interior decoration a much more needed aspect this season. Rugsandblinds introduces fanciful ... Read More
  • Dec 1st, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    With introduction of Kaleen and Flagship rugs, Rugsandblinds have involved more creativity to their product line. Check out the recent update of these collections, and add these to your shopping cart soon Inspiring Beauty of Flagship Rugs Rugsandblinds brings together yet another engaging collection, Flagship rugs to ... Read More
  • Nov 27th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    Thanksgiving, an annual harvest feast is a national holiday that centers on expressing gratitude for our blessings, feasting and family reunion. This time of the year, going home tops the list of priorities. To most Americans, it is a special celebration–a way to appreciate the ... Read More
  • Nov 26th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    An example of modern trends of decorations, Kaleen rug collection can now make a way to your home. With versatility, surpassing paramount of beauty, this category of flooring steps up with interior and outdoor beautification suiting your likes. Rugsandblinds welcomes this brand, enriched in myriad ... Read More
  • Nov 24th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    Rizzy Rugs are a new facet to innovation in interior decoration. This brand houses many styles of flooring covers, open for you to explore. The sales on our site on this collection will help customers to make a budget friendly purchase. Let us acquaint with ... Read More
  • Nov 12th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    The All-New Orian Collection Specializes in Designer Rugs, Made From Durable Materials-Excellent For Heavy Traffic Areas. A Culmination of Artful Patterns and Amazing Resiliency, Offered In Numerous Colors, Size and Shape. Rugsandblinds presents Orian rugs, a renowned name associated with floor decor, featuring an all-new assortment ... Read More
  • Oct 27th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    We have explored decoration and Halloween party ideas, and done everything to make this October 31st the grandest. Now, as the day is approaching soon, you need to assure that everything from décor, DIY crafts, outdoors, to party arrangement is in place. Hence, here are ... Read More
  • Oct 23rd, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    An increasing number of people are self-educating themselves in term of interior decoration. More and more homeowners want to lead their home redecoration projects. However, when it comes to choice and making decisions concerning essential components of home design, such as floorings, it is wise ... Read More
  • Oct 22nd, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    Be it kids or adults, everyone likes a party. A perfect setting to have families, friends, and relatives come celebrate an event or occasion together. Autumn hosts one of year's most anticipated festivity–Halloween. This holiday calls for a reason to celebrate, as for enthusiasts, what ... Read More
  • Oct 21st, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    The addition of stylish Oriental Weavers Sphinx collection endows our online store with classic handmade, machine woven rugs known for rich shades, varied sizes, shapes and functional quality. Being a fine example of fabric covers that covers all walks of life, with interesting patterns, it ... Read More
  • Oct 20th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    Right from a toddler, pet, teenager to adult, everyone looks forward to Halloween. Journeying through trivia, facts, themes, interests, and thrifty DIY ideas, it is time to explore some lavish spending tips on home decoration for this occasion. Here is how we do it the ... Read More
  • Oct 19th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    Man shares a bond with nature, essential for self-preservation and enjoyment. He has come to learn and acknowledge the importance of outdoor living. The front porch, patio, and gazebo areas have been transformed as an extension of our home, a lifestyle statement. Using appropriate decorations ... Read More
  • Oct 19th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    All New Chandra Collection Features an Assortment of Stylish Area Rugs, Specially Handcrafted from the Finest Fabrics Known to Man. Available in Multiple Colors, in different Shapes and Sizes, A Perfect Complement to Modern Home Design.   Rugsandblinds presents Chandra rugs, a celebrated name in floor decoration, ... Read More
  • Oct 17th, 2013 By Jessie Curry
    We are back again with some more inspiring DIY ideas like in the last post, which reflected craft suggestions that were both budget and eco-friendly. In this article, we will talk about some DIY activities which will keep children entertained this pre-Halloween time and few ... Read More