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Autumn Home Improvement Indoors- Halloween Inspired

Oct 10th, 2013 By

In our last blog post, we focused on home improvement for this fall, inspired from Halloween for outdoors. However, in this article we will concentrate on few basic rooms in home interiors and improvement methods needed for the same, with October 31st in mind. Let us get ready and explore these ideas in detail

Do you want to redo your home interiors so that it looks novel for the year? Why not wring in Halloween spirit in this project. Every house has few important nooks that need upgrades. Here are few rooms that you can fix, renovate and beautify this month to suit October 31st.

Living Room

  • Furniture: A spooky grace to furniture can work wonders this Halloween. Experiment with burlap or jute linen painted in red and black for this occasion. Carve out Gothic arch and cathedral rails as armrest on wooden chairs and sofas. Upholster sofas and cushions with oozing, fake blood drop stain, fabric coverings. These updates are real eyebrow raiser.
  • Mantel Area: Sketch evil angels on mantel crown with removable paints. You can induce haunting stickers on its sidebars. Such glowing stickers in dark will render perfect eerie effect in living area. Rework on cracks by filling these holes with spider leg shaped tapes and black caulking plaster. Wrap the mantel tops with artificial nylon spider webs to provide retro fear look.

Halloween Inspired 1

  • Rugs: An attractive carpet provides inviting appearance to living area. If your rugs have worn out, it is time to change these and bring retro themed floral floorings home. Choose the ones that illustrate horror scenes like display of vampires, aliens, and wild creatures for this Halloween. Snake rugs are great options for this season.



  • Headboards: Add a bat shaped headboard to your bed. This will act as a dark backsplash as well as provide support to an old bed. Such upgrades can ready our bedroom for a personal Halloween party. If you possess a canopy bed, then you can choose an evil faery carriage as headboard, and whole furniture body.
  • Closets: Do away with frayed closet doors accessories, knobs, and redecorate with witch hand designed decals and handles. Beautify its interiors with reclaimed wood shelves.Spider and horror flick themed stickers can look fine for interior back doors and racks. Alternatively, you can have more fun by drawing an angry smiley face with black paint or craft paper overall the closet door.

Halloween Inspired 2

  • Paint: Build scary ambiance in bedroom interiors with Halloween inspired paint shades. Drape the walls with stark dark hues of black, red, orange and brown. Provide rustic finish to walls and surfaces for an evocative appeal. Silhouette figures of witches on broomsticks midst subtle autumn tones can make walls look creepy.


Kid’s Room

  • Study Area: Make the study area jovial with bright pumpkin sculptures. You can also create ghostly craft paperbacks for existing novels. Improve appearance of this space by updating window treatments to crochet net curtains. Paint over existing cute toys and make patterns on their surface for scary effect. Like if you have a plain toy of a boy, paint a moustache and broken teeth for touch of spookiness.
  • Bed: Invoke Halloween pleasure in kid’s room with cute friendly ghost linen. Illustration of grim reaper, death God, green monsters and deadly ninjas are perfect for bed linen here. Build a cavern bed for this occasion, and let your kids have a happy time meandering between artificial cave beds.

Halloween Inspired 3

  • Wall Treatments: As children prefer lively room décor, Halloween is one of the best occasions to bring in exciting ambiance with inspiring home design. Choose gothic wall decals and stickers for this event and hang frightening cut out crafts to kid’s area. Certain wall fixtures like scary masks and toys can also infuse October fever here.


Kitchen and Dining

  • Backsplash: Quirky backsplashes like mosaic art of tiles to illustrate pumpkin at sink area is just what you would want in your kitchen this 31st October. You can convert pantry area into a recluse of spirits by upcycling tablecloths and towels in shape of banshees and zombies. If you have a home bar in kitchen or dining area, choose tumblers and glasses that reflect graphical representation of skeletons and freaky insects.
  • Table Linen: Runners and placemats can be renovated by hand painting these in autumn shades, and later imprinting popular Halloween creatures on surface. Chair covers, utensils, napkins and fabric tissues can display fiery blueprints of Jack’o lanterns, wizards, crows, bats, and crossbar or cemetery tombstone.

Halloween Inspired 4

  • Centerpieces: Adjust Halloween themed crafts on tabletop or kitchen countertop to create a visual delight. These can act as haunting centerpieces. Dried flower art in glasses and pots are additional show to dining area. Use painted pebbles and stones displaying rotten skull art, and affix it on walls of kitchen interiors.



  • Vanities: Choose vanity sinks and furniture that reflect Halloween spirit. If you do not want to indulge in much of expenditure, then you can select stencils and painting ideas to redecorate existing vanities. You can draw set of bulbous eyes on vanity furniture and mirror frames. A dose of bat shaped garlands to beautify these items will add the needed adventurous appearance here.
  • Tiling: Floor tiles can be updated with fancy Halloween laminates and finishes. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you may like painting an open jaw of shark on floor and wall tiles. Create a horrifying backsplash to vanities with tiles displaying faces of zombies, spirits and serial killers. You can render rugged finish to walls for added dreadful effect.

Halloween Inspired 5

  • Shower Area: Impressive shower curtains portraying black cat and lunatic on killing spree, bloodstain print on surface, and illustration of howling werewolf can be the best for upgrading bath area. Similar art can be selected for bathtubs, while you can replace old pipes and taps with skull shaped vanity hardware.

As October 31st is just weeks away, these home improvement ideas will help you to invite this occasion with greater pleasure this year. In the next post, we will introduce you to some of the popular Halloween themes that you can use in home decoration, parties and lot more. So, stay tuned for our next update.

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