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Autumn Home Improvement Outdoors- Halloween Inspired

Oct 8th, 2013 By

The cascade of auburn leaves gelled with festivities completes the fall. Besides fancy clothing, and partying, home beautification becomes an integral part of autumn’s spirit. However, preparing your house to withstand the seasonal hazards is vital, before you start with decoration. So, let us explore some Halloween inspired home improvement ideas, and delve into the spooky side of your mind

Sizzling barbeque in the backyard and get-togethers are what we rejoice during autumn. Because of teaming festivals coming around the corner, house parties and camping are among the ‘things to do’. Fixing home outdoors to suit this season’s joy therefore becomes important. How about a Halloween twist to home improvement project? Here are some creative suggestions to imply the idea this October.



With warm sun smiling on green patches, almost all get-togethers of the fall are held in outdoors, especially gardens. Hence, working on little nitty-gritty will help in revamping these areas perfectly for a cheerful autumn celebration, with Halloween in mind.

  • Rake up Leaves: Do you remember lunatic grim with crossbar and rustic rake? To induce eerie fun in this tiresome activity like piling up dried leaves, use vintage rake to gather organic waste, and bury these in pits. Otherwise, store these in burlap or jute bags with skull illustrations. Utilize these bags later as natural cushion for seating areas.

Halloween Inspired Outdoors 1

  • Update Accessories: Carve out pumpkins and scarecrows on surface of water fountains. Take out broken bins and install zombie shaped wastebaskets. Clean out birdbaths and basins and paint these red, black and orange to splay Halloween colors.
  • Redo Furniture: Summer wind sometimes weathers furniture backrest and handlebars. If you want to save these from creaking and moaning, you can reclaim broken parts of the same and provide these silhouettes of popular Halloween creatures like bat, dragon, and vampire. Look out for gothic upholsters.


Garages, Sheds and Attics

Empty or rather stuffy shed and garage can turn out to be an eye sore. Moreover, you may find some rats and other pests making themselves at home here. As autumn has walked in, you can reuse such spaces creatively and enhance these to suit the needs of fall festivals.

  • Caulk Gaps: Cracks on floors and walls can lead to transfusion of unnecessary heat in these spaces. Patch holes with colorful plasters that reflect Halloween shades. Get rid of broken tiles and install Celtic themed flooring instead. If dark fantasies interest you, then bring them to live with skeletal shaped rafters.

Halloween Inspired Outdoors 2

  • Upgrade Ceiling: Holes and loose screws of ceiling can lead to collapse of ceiling. Tighten the screws and remove rusted nails. Many hardware manufacturers produce gnome and worm shaped bolts and Knuts. You can utilize these to fix the loose rafters in garages and attics.
  • Smoke Detectors: Garage and outdoor spaces that are closed are often at risk of contaminated and poisonous gasses from burning oils and cooking station residues. Affix faery figured smoke detectors in attics. You will find several such Halloween spirited smoke detectors at online stores.


The walk in drive is prime outdoor area for decoration during the fall. Hence, renovating it to keep it prim and proper is advisable. Pathways may be grand as those in penthouses. Some are simple as that of a cottage home. Here are few basics features of pathways that need to be reworked on, if these are out of youth.

  • Edging: Pathways often skirt gardens and turfs. Hence, edging this area provides a neat appearance. Upturned stones and brick edges can cause accidents and spoil the look of flowerbeds and plantation. So, if you face such nags, you can put in new edging made from black clay and red bricks. These shades are popular during Halloween. You can even add pumpkin shaped tiles to edge pathways.

Halloween Inspired Outdoors 3

  • The Concrete: Do you possess a zig-zag driveway? If yes, then Halloween inspired mosaic witch illustration tiles are the best to provide haunting effect. Carved stone slabs are ideal to ground the driveway pavement for this fall. Fill out cracks with shaded cement and pebbles to grant jagged appearance on surface with smooth finish.
  • Lighting: Bring Halloween delight in outdoors through iron, Gothic lamps and lanterns. The cast of lamps sometimes breaks off or cracks, so you can purchase freaky bunny themed covers for the same. Imprint number 13 over floor lamps and chandeliers to invite the gore theme of the movie ‘Friday the 13th’.



Now we come to porch, the social hub of outdoors. You may want to update sunken decks and rotten edges. Squeaky decks are quite a noise riot and so is uncomfortable seating. Celebrating autumn festivals with such nuisances can be a headache. Hence, here are some quick updates you can deliver to porch area.

  • Railings: Brass and copper balustrades will not only have a long life, but also relate to Halloween theme. Hence, you can replace frayed railings with these accents.If paint is peeling, then provide these a whitewash and envelope with coat of fall colors like yellow, orange, brown and red. The top of railings, if cracked can be laminated with monster posters.

Halloween Inspired Outdoors 4

  • Deck: Lay down Gothic or Celtic rugs on decks. Here is a creative way of hiding blemishes, stains and dents of decks. It is simple, do it with 3D art. Imagine how a roaring wolf graphic, or a half faced clown dancing, would seem on floorboard? Creepy is not it? Therefore, you can actually get a Halloween themed 3D art on deck to make ghosts of this festive period, appear real.
  • Seating Space: Are you bored of old furniture? Perhaps a sleeker substitute may be viable. Goblin and magical creature of forests are fantasies kids cherish. However, beanbags and cushions bearing illustrations of the same can create a great impact in porch seating area.



Inspect roof of your house for the fall. More than cleanliness and pest control, there might be some other issues that need to be addressed. Blocked chimneys, valves, choked gutters and cracked roof tiles are among common issues. This autumn, let us find ways to counter these snags and fix these the Halloween way.

  • Cover Gutters: Clean open gutters, and make sure you cover their surface. As dried leaves can clog drains, it is wiser to install a mesh sheet over gutters. Now, you can select spider web mesh sheet for this task to imbibe Halloween fun in outdoors. Iron grail meshes can render uncanny appearance, and are apt for this festive season.

Halloween Inspired Outdoors 5

  • Add Trims: To protect pathways from becoming dirty due to accumulation of dried leaves, add trims to roof. Molds and trimmings also bring forth chiseled appearance to roofs. This feature will help in capturing leaves on surface of roof rather than being spilled around house. Trims can be shaped like bat, spiders, bugs and scary insects to infuse peculiarity here.
  • Close Open Valves: Roof shafts and open valves can suffocate because of dust and debris of plants. Shingles and coating of the same can crack and shear due to seasonal weathering. Murderous chef, serial killer themed corks and caps are available in many hardware stores. Hence, this autumn, check out sinister looking caps to close open valves.

So, with autumn season and its festivals, the necessary outdoor improvement projects together can ease you out in coming months. Prepare well before Halloween, and enjoy a scary time on 31st October. Our next blog post in series will talk about home improvement tips for indoors where you will come across suggestion on upgrades based on each room.


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