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Basics of Making Handmade Shag Rug

Dec 4th, 2012 By
You can make a shag rug all by yourself. But before you start this DIY project, there are certain things you should know. Some guidelines are necessary to follow while making a carpet. You can consider the suggestions below and follow the advice so that you get a perfect strong carpet for your home

Handmade rugs are generally very attractive. It is real fun to make these carpets of different colors, shapes, designs and sizes. You may an amateur in rug making or a pro. Both ways you will have to follow some basic guidelines while performing the task.


You should decide which dye will be perfect for your shag rug. This sometimes depends on the material you choose for your carpet. You can either go for natural or synthetic yes. If you maintain good aesthetic sense of your space, you may choose dyes for your shag carpet according to colors present in the room.


Choosing the material for your shag rug can be an entertaining activity. If you do not want to spend much, then you can utilize old clothing material in home itself. You may go for wool or cotton. But you can even opt for jute, leather and other synthetic materials. Before you select material for your carpet, keep in mind the location for this rug. If you are going to lay this rug in outdoors, you will need stain and pest resistant material. It has to be strong enough to sustain in harsh weather conditions as well.


Before you start making shag rug, you have to decide the shape of it. You need some concrete construction technique. Handmade technique also has some variation. You may either braid it or weave it. You can even go for knotting technique. It is upon you which handmade means you will use to make a shag rug. Rectangle, square, round and oval are some of the common shapes you may consider.


You should also have an accurate size in mind before you make a handmade shag rug. Runner size is also a fine option. You can make a small accent rug as well. Large area rugs of this kind will be comfortable cover for your floors. The size you select also defines the amount of material you will need for your purpose.


Generally shag rugs do not need any backing. But if you are making one yourself, there is no harm to maintain extra precaution. You can use same material backing for your task or a different one. Make sure that the backing is thick enough o support the rug. You can go for stain resistant material for carpet backing.


There are different tools you can use while making handmade shag rugs. If you are weaving it, then you can get a small loom for yourself. If you are braiding this carpet, you may require knitting tool kit or sometimes you can just do this with bare hands. You can even knot or tuft our shag rug with suitable needles and tools. Punch gun tool can help you make stitches faster on these carpets.


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