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Batman themed Home Décor

May 17th, 2013 By

Get set to dive into action everyday with your favorite action hero by your side. Aficionados of batman will greatly rejoice to have their superhero around within their own homes. Get going; personalize your interiors with batman themed home decors.

Knowledge is Power

Bring into your home the famous bat logo in form of a fully functional bookshelf. Switch your man cave into bat cave! Set it in the living room, study room or probably within confines of your bedroom. Its radical yet practical design will garner applause and have eyeballs rolling time after time, including yours.It doubles up functionality. One can store CDs, DVDs as well, besides books as shown in the image here.

Batman themed Decor1


Even Heroes need a Break

Are you a bachelor? Then you quite likely have friends and colleagues around at home. Take a break; sip your favorite brew with a friend or two. Uplift your lounge appeal of having a bat shaped coffee table placed in. Crafted with precision and from special wood, the construction is sturdy and practical for daily use. This coffee table is available in wood brown color. Its color will complement bright or soft color interiors and furnishing, giving your lounge an edge above other rooms.

Batman themed Decor2


Gaze Within to Discover

It may be difficult at times to explain to your beloved the fascination for batman-your action hero since childhood. Surprise her with a classic styled mirror, which on looking intently will reveal the bat logo. Consider it as the first step to help her understand your subtle taste of the finer things.

Batman themed Decor3


Every Kid has a Hero

Is your boy an ardent fan of batman? Then why not surprise him with a lampshade depicting his hero on it. Growing years are actual wonder years of every kid. Make it fun for them. These lampshades are handwoven and made from selected fabrics. It is bound to enliven the ambiance of your kid’s room.

Batman themed Decor4


Quench Your Thirst for Action

You are likely a grown up if you prefer your drink strong and not tangy. However, kids’ mugs and glassware often sport batman.  This leaves no much choice for adults than to use ordinary shot glass.

Happy days are around the corner! Presenting a shot glass that has your favorite action hero discreetly engraved on it. Moreover, you will still be a man when sipping from it. You can be rest assured that the design will never fade or wear off. It is your neat piece of work for being a super fan!

Batman themed Decor5


Retire for the Night in Style

Batman themed wall decals can prove a nice addition to one’s private space. You may put it in your child’s room and in your bedroom or study room as well.Unless the better half objects, restraining to give into your childish demands, causing you shift into your bat cave. There are various types of wall decals available online which will meet your whims and fancies.

Batman themed Decor6

Lock stock and charge each day of yours with batman themed home decors. Give an edge to your bat cave that is meant for your home.


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