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Be Nature Friendly with Eco-Friendly Rugs

May 21st, 2013 By

From the outset of the 20th century, there has been a rapid surge in industrialization. Over time,this has led to global pollution.Our quality of life is severely marred with constant degradation,and endangerment of life forms.Yet, hope prevails. By going Eco-friendly,we can help earth restore itself of all ill effects.

As the saying goes,charity begins at home. You may begin this revolution inside out. Implement changes by using Eco-friendly materials and products. Your home is a significant part of you;why not equip it with this novel means?To begin, when adorning your home décor, opt for Eco-friendly rugs. They are both pleasing and effective in nature.

Eco-Friendly, Style-Friendly

Eco-friendly is the way to go,and then whether you are a nature lover or simply that you care for dear life. Do not conclude this lifestyle choice would translate to being a bland or dull one. On the contrary, it is very much the opposite. Eco-friendly rugs, serve a vital purpose towards Mother Nature that is to diminish pollution.Besides, it adds refinement to your home with a fresh feel and unique style quotient of its own.




Need of the Hour

They are lots of different materials and methods used for manufacturing rugs today, synthetic being the foremost. Unfortunately, volatile organic compounds are the dominant chemicals used for their production.These also classified as VOC, are released into our atmosphere in the form of gas. Sadly, cancer like diseases is a cause of the use of these kinds of chemical compounds. This calls for a drastic revision of materials put in use. Eco-friendly materials and products,one such being Eco-friendly rugs are recommended.


An Ally of Life

Eco-friendly rugs are made of natural fibers such as jute, wool, bamboo, mountain grass, and sisal and sea grass too. All of them are hand woven. These materials have long existed since beginning of humankind. In addition, bearing proof to our survival and preservation with their use in different forms. Apart from that, an Eco-friendly rug is easy to maintain. Moreover, these rugs have nature-based colors, exempting the use of harmful dyes.



A Flavor for all Seasons

Contemporary styling is what best defines an Eco-friendly rug. With varied colors and patterns available, you may place them in several rooms of your house. They convey a natural feel to a home’s décor through colors and textures.There is a huge variety to choose from online stores and markets. Insightful as you may be, you can accentuate each of the desired rooms with the addition of these rugs. For instance, as shown in the image here is a coffee brown colored rug. It will effectively complement a marble floor,adding an aesthetic appeal to it.



Transit Life Within

Apart from possessing a contemporary nature, Eco-friendly rugs sport a blend of orient and transitional inspired designs too. This is an effective way to add vibrancy and character to plain looking interiors. By placing a rug in passages or an outdoor patio, will beautifully reflect and spread a gleeful look inside and across your house.


Live in harmony with nature, extend your helping arm. Breathe in life into your home décor by using Eco-friendly rugs.


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