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Become an Artist with the Craft of Decoupage

Sep 21st, 2013 By

People with an artistic bent often need multiple outlets to express their creativity and therefore indulge in various arts and crafts. For the rest of us, even one or two forms may suffice. Decoupage is one such craft available for everyone, irrespective whether you pursue creative interests for pleasure or in time of giving your interiors an update.

What is Decoupage?

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The word decoupage originates from the French language, which originally means to cut. This craft dates back to the 18th century–it was solely designed for beautifying household items. Decoupage involves decorating various objects by pasting pictures arranged from paper cutouts, out of different sources onto them. The list of items involved have a wide range, most of them being wooden and glass furniture, decorative articles, walls, and many more.


Essentials Matter the Most

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By far, this craft is as simple as it can be and does not demand any specific skill set. An understanding of the method, teamed with your imagination and backed by regular practice will assist in creating great looking items. In time, one will also master the art. Nonetheless, input is most important in the form of creativity. So draw inspiration from the surroundings, nature, situations, etc.  Play with ideas, begin from simple and gradually shift to ones that are new and distinct. Remember, decoupage is an art of bringing together images from several sources, simply by sticking them on a surface, which in the end makes for an impression of the item being hand painted.


How to Decoupage?

Depending on the kind and nature of your decoupage, materials differ, and there are numerous available for the same. Certain materials are standard, which are needed irrespective of the type you intend to make. A quick search on internet will help you know them. Here are the basic steps that need to be considered before you start to decoupage items.

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First, finalize the surface you intend to decoupage, technically one can do it on any surface. Doing so helps in getting yourself organized and well prepared. Next, choose a theme-here comes in your creativity. Based on the material’s surface select a suitable yet unique one. Once decided on what and how you intend to proceed, prep the materials required to create your artwork. Post preparation; assemble the materials together by gluing them as planned. Lastly, leave it to dry, and for the finishing touch soon after seal your work with a sealant using lacquer, varnish or decoupage glaze to protect it from damage.


Ideas to Implement

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You may literally take to heart the phrase the sky is the limit. However, one has to take successive steps so to be able to come up with subtle and unique ideas. Progressive learning and good observation are crucial. Begin by working on flat surfaces; pick ideas that correspond both with your interest and with level of skill. Next, you may start making paper cutouts of different colors, from various sources of varied type and texture. Include a variety of materials like foil paper, postcards, fabrics, and ribbons. Give your creation an artistic appeal, experiment with colors and use paint effects as a decoupage’s background.


List up Decoupage Projects

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To satisfy the creative genius within you take up projects. For the ardent mind, there is a lot to choose. Apparently, one may decoupage just about every surface, whether it is wood, glass, metal, tile, hardened plastic, or paper. For example, to decorate your home, decoupage small articles and accessories found within interiors. Use adequate cutouts along with color and images to compliment the prominent theme. Likewise, work on glass items-such as glasses, plates, centerpieces and frames to create visually striking art pieces. Walls and wood present equal opportunities use them to create an accent for a wall art or accentuate the decor by incorporating the technique on selective items.

Decoupage by a large degree makes way for combining several elements of certain art forms to it. One is restricted only as much as their imagination limits them.  Indulge in this simple yet fascinating art for your creative outlet and come up with some stunning masterpieces that will spruce up your home decor as well.


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