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Bejewel your Home Decor with Paperweight Mementos

Jun 11th, 2013 By

Do you remember paperweights from the industrial age? These are beautiful, intricate miniatures of art in themselves. Elate your interiors by integrating these splendid pieces of skillful workmanship.

Paperweights as most of us know came into existence during the industrial revolution. As man progressed towards modernization, letters, bills and business, related documents increased. So did the need to have a means to hold these papers down in presence of light winds, which were regular because of open windows. Air-conditioners were yet to make an appearance. There entered nifty little paperweights, simple and functional, which in time went on to become prized possessions.

Below are few decorative glass paperweights that promise to amaze you with their splendid form, and multiple sophisticated designs that you may use as home decor items in your personal space.

Anvil Paperweights

Stabilize your home-office desk papers with a set of three anvil paperweights made of cast iron. These paperweights come in three different sizes. Prioritize your paperwork with use of each according to their size. In addition, they make for smart and formidable looking decor accessories, which you may use on your study table or desk at work.

Anvil Paperweights1


Inspirational Paperweights

Everyone always appreciates a measure of healthy encouragement. Add an inspirational paperweight like the one seen in the image here, in your room or your teens. These elegantly crafted paperweights add a unique style quotient when suitably adorned within an interior, for instance library.

Inspirational Paperweights2


Animal Paperweights

Are you a wildlife enthusiast and does speed excite you? If your answer is yes to both questions, then you are sure to take a fancy for animal-based paperweights. What better animal than a cheetah who excellently personifies speed and agility together. This beautiful crafted paperweight is made of bone china, add to it the distinct pose, this one stands out.

Animal Paperweights3


Literary Paperweights

Avid writers spend a great deal of time at their desks. Every bit of inspiration plays a crucial role. Whether it is audible or visual, it stimulates their creativity. Break that writer’s block with a literary inspired paperweight. Adorn your table with this pebble shaped paperweight desk accessory that highlights the spirit of writing.

Literary Paperweights4


Flower Paperweights

Paperweights need not be limited to a library or living room. Kitchens stand a greater chance to incorporate such fascinating accessory due to various elements bound together in one room, unlike others. For instance, a set of flower-inspired paperweights will perfectly sit on your dining table, Infusing delight and mirth, and complementing the overall settings.

Flower Paperweights5


Bird Paperweights

Finches are among the most widely domesticated birds around. There is no second thought that they are admired for their distinct colors and petite appearance. Bird lovers will greatly delight in having a bird-inspired paperweight in their room, especially as a centerpiece on their table or bookshelves such as bullfinch paperweight here.

Bird Paperweights6


Volcano Paperweights

The thought of having a volcano within your room is quite surreal. Nevertheless, many will happily house this volcano paperweight within their room. This paperweight vividly captures a volcano in action within its glass container. Add zing to your room by placing this paperweight on to your wall shelf or coffee table.

Volcano Paperweights7


Shooting Star Paperweights

The universe has long been a subject of fascination. It is like a mystery that is ever revealing various wonders unknown to man. Add to your space-your room this stunning shooting star-inspired paperweight. Gift your teenager a slice of space to decorate their room. This paperweight brilliantly incorporates a crescent moon against a flaming meteoroid and a shower of stars as the backdrop.

Shooting Star Paperweights8

Adorn your room with these glass decorative paperweights that can be well termed as mementos. Beautify your space and fire up conversations with these little decor accessories, sparkling incessantly like gems within one’s home.


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