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Bestow the Stature of Art to your Floor with Authentic Hooked Area Rugs!!

Mar 7th, 2012 By


Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, guest room, kids room, kitchen or office area Hooked Wool Rugs are the idyllic for any home décor. Hooked Wool Rugs are the most popular custom rugs in today’s world of art where people tend to make their home appear unique and attractive from others. Generally these rugs are made from cotton or wool fabrics that bring natural coziness in the room where it has been placed.

Why is wool selected for Hooked Rugs?

The consistency of the “wool” is hard and sturdy as they can stand stiff in any weather. The level of scuffing is decided by the construction of the Hooked Wool Rugs. Some of the Hooked Wool Rugs are textured and some are hand-made. Typically, hand-made rugs are more durable compared to machine made.

Because of the unique natural features, Hooked Wool Rugs have been surviving the test of time, hence are still popular. Hooked Wool Rugs are strong and sturdy thus can be placed in any desired corner of your home. Hooked wool rugs can resist fire, thus can be safely used in kitchen area.

Hooked area Rugs are available in lots of colors and designs. You can go for the bold colors such as red, blue, bottle green, black etc as they can compliment any furnishing of your room. They are available in different sizes which you can select as per the dimension of the room where you are thinking to place them. Placing multi colored hooked rugs under the coffee table or other furniture is also a great option to adorn your place. From traditional to contemporary, Persian as well as oriental, you’ll find every style you require for your home décor.

Being made up of natural material “wool” hooked wool rugs are very flexible and thus can be cleaned and maintained easily. Hooked Wool Rugs do not absorb much of the soil and hence the filth does not stick to them easily. They should be vacuumed on the regular terms so as sustain hygienic environment in your place. The simple method of washing them with soft detergent and Luke warm water can help you in making them appear fresh. Hooked Wool Rugs are meant to be the small but useful investment, as they beautify your place completely costing to your budget.


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