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Black Rugs with Well-defined Borders

Feb 12th, 2013 By

Black rugs look amazing. They can actually change the way your living room looks. You can use these rugs to add beauty to lighter living rooms. There are many distinct variants among black rugs. You won’t usually find black rugs in the category of traditional area rugs. You may want to know how a black rug looks on living room floors. Here are three examples of black rugs with well-defined borders that can add grace to your floors.

Charcoal black floral rug5

Modern Black Rug with Floral Design

You may use this rug to cover the floors of traditional homes. It adds to the beauty of traditional living room floors. It makes the room appear bright. Maintain the rug clean so that it remains attractive.

About The Rug

Most rugs do not have borders. Here is a distinct black rug with well-defined borders. The body of the rug is pitch black. The borders of the rug have a checked pattern. The pattern is made of yellow and green shades. At the center of the rug, you will see a floral pattern. The pattern has attractive red flowers.

Ivory Living Rooms with Black Bordered Rugs

Ivory living rooms appear simple and elegant. You can use a black bordered rug to cover the floors of such a room. Make sure the rug goes well with the room’s décor.

About The Rug

Here is a unique rug that has a black border. On the entire border, there are attractive floral patterns. The main body of the rug is of lime yellow shade. It can help to create a focal point in your living room.

Black Rugs to Match Light Brown Living Rooms

You may even use black bordered rugs to cover floors of light brown living rooms.These living rooms look very sober and simple.

About The Rug

The entire body of the rug is black. It has a floral pattern on its entire surface. The center portion has a leafy pattern while the borders have a floral pattern. The shades used to make the pattern are gold and yellow.


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