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Booze in Style with Creative Liquor Dispensers

Nov 7th, 2012 By
Autumn and winter are seasons when there are many festivals and occasions to celebrate. Many people even get married this time of the year. You may prefer to go out in bars and clubs to party. You can even host a house party. There is lot to explore when it comes to eating and drinking in these coming months. You can choose some artistic liquor dispensers for your home bar this season

Fire Extinguisher Liquor Dispenser

You can opt for this amazing container for your booze this year. You can simply place it on your table. There are others that can even be hung from wall of your home bar. This simply looks like fire extinguishers. It fills you with a sense of adventure.

Gunshot Liquor Dispenser

You can even perform a role play of country side this winter with gunshot dispenser. You can host a party with cowboy theme and use it here in home bar. You can also impress your guests with this. It looks real and produces a feel of action packed movies.

Globe Liquor Dispenser

This is another innovative design for dispensers. You can store your drink in it. Just open the tap and see the liquid oozing out of the nozzle in clear flow. It is perfect for a formal style home abr. You can even get it for your living room. You can decorate your shelves and rack with this.

Cross Bone Skull Liquor Dispenser

You may go Goth or prefer a bit weird design for your drink’s dispenser. This also has a measurement jar. So you know how much you are pouring into your glass. You may use it in guest room or living room. This will also look excellent for autumn and winter months.

Vintage Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

You can also choose this vintage style drink dispenser for your home. It replicates ancient gas pumps. You can use the pipe to press and fill in booze in your glasses. It is also a nice choice for your home bar and antique collection. You may place it as a centerpiece on coffee table as well.

Multiple Bottle Liquor Dispensers

You can also go modern by opting for multiple bottle dispensers. You can attach any kind of liquor bottle in the space and connect it to the discharge pipes. You just have to pull open the cork or nozzle and dispel the liquid in your glass. This can look great on countertop of your home bar.

Santa Claus Liquor Dispenser

You can also get all prepared for Christmas this winter. You may purchase Santa Claus figure dispenser for your drink. This will be an awesome choice for this occasion. You can surely gain appreciation from your guests during house party.


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