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Bordered Rugs from KAS Collection

Dec 31st, 2013 By

With dawn of 2014 and our transition into the new year, it is just about the right time for us to embrace and implement new found concepts and design ideas, which are results of ongoing understanding of our surroundings as well as of our increasing knowledge on beauty and design. Implement a dramatic finish to your home interiors with bordered rugs from KAS collection.

When redecorating or establishing interior design within home, designers recommend starting ground up. Yes, floors are an integral part of a decor and play a crucial role in the founding of a theme and style. So pay attention while working with them. Depending on the look you wish to create, it is wise to use area rugs since they make a perfect accessory to compliment your living space. With the right type added, one can achieve a gorgeous and distinct looking room. The question that follows is which type should one opt for this year?






Bordered rugs! One simply cannot go wrong with them. Their characteristics make them a favorite with many designers. They are easy to implement and decorate a space. Interestingly, they are an excellent means to create a room that appears unique, appealing and larger! One can achieve the effect by matching them with appropriate room design, colors and furnishing. You will do well to remember that bordered floor fabrics have a certain beauty to them that is simple yet subtle. Apply them discreetly.

Speaking about borders, one will find there are three types, each with its own characteristics that spells a certain charm when added to a room. The foremost is one border; perhaps, no other design or pattern comes close to the one-border floor covers for its sheer simplicity. Though termed understated, it is chic, contemporary, and versatile when it comes to decorating with it. KAS has carved out a niche with the variety it offers. However, the style chosen will depend on your taste and the room’s purpose, they are likely suitable for border components.








Second in line is two-border. For those who like variety and something that stands out from the conventional style should opt for two-border floor fabrics as it offers flexibility of blending different mix of colors, which contrast as well as complement a targeted area. In case you have small rooms, install a wide exposed border along each side, this will help create the illusion of a larger room. These are available in varied sizes ranging from 2×3 to 10×14 to suit the needs of a living space.


Enthusiasts will take great delight in three border throws. For they offer great versatility in terms of design and practicality. Nothing comes close to their detailing, variety of colors and patterns. Additionally, they contribute to the living space by providing an element of visual interest and texture that pronounce elegance with style, which makes way for an appealing decor. They are likely the most stunning additions your room can get, while providing equivalent practicality with regard to protecting the floors.

The all-new KAS collection of floor covers brings variety and practicality together in form of bordered rugs. Each is available in several sizes and multiple colors and construction to suit your home decor. This year impress relatives and leave your guests amazed by incorporating these beautifully crafted pieces of art into your home interiors.



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