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Braided Rugs of Different Colors for Room Floors

Apr 11th, 2013 By

Colorful carpets always catch the attention of people. It is upon you how you play with colors in your home when it comes to design and decoration of rooms. One can choose braided rugs of varied shades for room floors. This can be a creative way to renovate a space elegantly. So here are few stylish carpets that you can get from our online retail store for your room interiors

Solid braided rugs can make home interiors look stunning. You may even purchase multicolored braided rugs for house floors. These floor covers are suitable for high traffic areas. Jute, seagrass and sisal braided rugs can go well on moderate traffic areas. Below are a few choices of colorful braided carpets that one may buy from our online rug retail store.

Blue Carpet

Blue braided rugs can look beautiful for living areas. These carpets can also highlight brightness in spaces and get rid of dullness. You may choose different shapes and sizes of these fabric covers. Wool and cotton material can be nice choices for these floor covers. Natural fabric covers are a good selection for home interior flooring. Place such carpets on passageway floors as well.

Gold Carpet

Bright shaded carpets are always the priority for homeowners. You may choose subtle toned gold braided rugs for home interiors. They can settle on high traffic areas. These fabric covers have nice quality. If you are placing these floor covers on pathways floors, care for them well to maintain a long shelf life of these items. Vacuum them regularly and store them in a dry area.

Lime Green Carpet

Lime green carpets are ideal to bring Eco friendly appearance in rooms. Braided rugs of this shade can settle on bedroom floors. These carpets are also a great pick for areas like sunroom and patio deck. Green floor covers can be made from jute, cotton, silk and also other natural materials. You may even buy fire retardant carpets of this kind in hearth area.

Red Carpet

Red carpets can also grant stylish appearance to the bedroom. You may consider such braided rugs for living areas well. These fabric covers can also look entertaining on the kid’s room floors. Place these fabric covers on garden floors. These braided rugs can also look amazing on special occasions. So you may even utilize these carpets for pathways. Such runner rugs can also match stairway and hallway floors.

Gold and Brown Carpet

Braided rugs of earth tone can look cute in room interiors. Gold and brown rug can also look good for the bath area. These fabric covers can also look tantalizing for floors that possess modern designs. Place these carpets in areas such as bedroom, kitchen, basement and mancave. Wool braided rug can be good for the laundry room. One can even choose washable braided rugs for home interiors.

So you can get braided rugs of these colors for your space this season. These floor covers can deliver beauty to spaces in home outdoors as well.


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