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Bring a Charm to your Home with Mesmerizing Wool Rugs

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History of wool:

Wool is a compressed , warm coat of sheep called as fleece which has many unique features and began its textile production from 8000BC.It is been used for a variety of textiles and is also hand woven and hand knitted and one such is the wool rug. Wool is highly flame resistant and used for making carpets and especially custom rugs.

Why wool rug is considered as a style statement for homes?

Wool Rugs is been widely used in all the parts of the world to beautify ones home and are used on floors like the hallways, living room, and bathroom to cover the area, for wiping purpose or simply for wall decorations. They are the best and excellent alternative for those who are allergic to synthetic and other artificial materials and the ideal solution who want natural, hypo allergic in the living room. It comes in many different shapes and sizes and other materials too. Wool rugs are more bouncy, durable, clean better and stay clean for a longer period of time as compared to other rugs. A wool rug is known for its features like its fine fiber, length, shades, and cleanliness and damage resistant.

Before buying woolrug there are many things to be considered as it is always better to be on the safer side than landing ourselves into a problem. Rugs are used to define the furnishings in your home and placed in such a way that all the four legs are on the rug, if it is used in the dining area then it should make room for the chair legs on the rug and you can place it anywhere in the bedroom either in the sideways or simply under your bed to relax your feet. Always opt for a highly durable wool rug which is all weather resistant .Investing on such rugs is a wise thing one can do and it complements the entire area like the hallways, living room, play area etc.

You can even find these rugs on the internet and it has many options for you to choose from. Wool rugs are expensive but you can also go for less expensive rugs with neutral colors and simple textures. You also have hand tufted wool rugs which lasts up to sixty years and the other machine woven wool rugs for thirty years.

Washing instructions:

There are many ways to clean wool rugs. You can even get it cleaned by a professional cleaner but if you want to save some of your money then you can use these simple steps.

1. Vacuum the rug with a low suction and if you do not have a vacuum machine then simply shake off the rug outside to remove loose dirt. You can even use a blunt knife to remove tough dirt from the edges.

2. Clean the rug with a mild detergent solution and allow it to completely dry as if the rug is wet then there is possibility of bacteria formation.


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