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Bring in the Sixties Flamboyance through Shag Rugs

May 27th, 2013 By

The 60s was an era of flamboyance. Also known as the cultural decade, it combined boldness and extravagant tastes with flair. Take a leap back in time and bring in to your interiors the richness of The Sixties with use of shag rugs.
Shag rugs were once popular for their vivid colors,material volume and soft textures. They were the likes of radical and revolutionary artists back then for a prime quality of abundance and for good reason. Add a slice of those momentous times by gracing your home decor with shag rugs.

Distinguished Accent

A shag rug speaks a language of its own when it comes to defining its style quotient. These rugs are prominent for their thick and soft texture, and this itself underlines their shaggy and puffy appearance. You may be surprised to know that artists and musician a like took fancy for them.A contemporary shag rug can be an apt choice for your living room as seen in the image here. With a blend of right elements and home decor items, you can give your interior an overall contemporary look.

Brown shag rug

Flamboyant Style

When it comes to projecting style, a shag rug is the way to go.Depending upon your preference, it can either grace a sublime look or don a bold extravagant look to your home decor. Such are its characteristics. Unlike traditional color tones such as the whites, grays and black that make up most modern rugs. A shag rug comes in various deep and bold colors, like red, burnt orange, neon greens and the likes.Such unique and diverse colors help gives each room a candid look.

Dark brown shag rug2

Elegance and Class

The Sixties did not stand for loud and outright ways only but rather played a major role in the quest for harmony as well. You can bring in this aspect within your home. Modern shag rugs are by nature comfortable and a delight to use. They are available in all sorts of colors that one may desire. Moreover, they are inexpensive and come in multiple varieties, with regard to shape, sizes and materials used in making them. This means, you can give each room its own character and feel.

black shag rug 3

Rustic Charm

Looking back to the sixties, nostalgia is a certain feeling, which will immediately grow upon you.Sturdiness and reliability marked that era. Well, you can count the same with shag rugs. They come made in a variety of materials such as wool, cotton, nylon, acrylic and polypropylene. Among these, polypropylene rugs are commonly light in weight. Their synthetic nature features moisture and mold resistance that apparently translates to durability and cost-effectiveness. A wool rug is highly recommended for use in high traffic areas within your house. In addition, it can effectively serve a dual role in that it will keep your interiors warm in winters and cool in summers.

Light brown shag rug4

Sensible Living

Aesthetics are crucial to every home. Get that wrong and the entire appeal of a room collapses! Hence, it is necessary to contemplate well in advance when decorating your home interiors with regard to the size of a rug and color. More and more people these days are looking for an area rug that gives an appropriate aesthetic feel to a room. Shag rugs have and again continue to prove their advantage over others regular rugs. What sets them apart from other rugs besides their availability in various shapes, designs and styles is the volume in the material. This aspect makes them adaptable, allowing more movement and comfort.

beige shag rug 6

The Sixties are very much in fashion; your perspective is what matters. Set in the fusion of boldness and harmony into your home decor with use of shag rugs.


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