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Bringing Braided Rugs Back

May 23rd, 2013 By

The true colonial American culture’s history cannot be complete without mentioning the importance of braided rugs to provide warmth and protection to the inhabitants of the house. When cloth accumulated due to being torn or faded and went a size smaller, these scraps were treasured, the fabric was recycled into quilts and rugs.
Braiding rugs is an extremely old yet nifty method that has been transformed over the decades to display its charm and appeal. These are environmentally friendly, practical and economical. With each passing year and inventive styles of fabric utilized in braiding, these rugs are back in action.

Braid and Butter

Place this unique braided jazzy beige and silver rug in your kitchen area. Made out of cotton and jute, this one is extremely strong and tough. Amazingly durable through all the seasons, whether dry or wet, this particular spread is practical for areas that are prone to liquid spills, regular and crude usage. Under your cute Windsor chair and tables or around your shoe storage cabinet, make sure the remaining accessories to go with this one are on the brighter side.
White and grey braided rug 1

Live and Love

Braids represent warmth, home, love, family and comfort. It is marvelous how a tiny piece of decor can conjure up all that. Made from jute and hand woven in construction, this rug has a smooth look but a very strong framework. So instead of carpeting that entire living area, why not go for a cheaper yet more adorable option.
golden and brown barided rug 2

Go Green

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, this style of furnishing your floors is very eco-friendly. It was made with scrap cloth back in the days. Braided area rugs can be created at home too. This one is made from cotton and is available in five different sizes pertaining to your need. It is green, pleasant and soothing. Place it in your personal bedrooms or in your porch area, but do take a step forward in accommodating this serene beauty in your living space.
lime braided rug 3

Dive to Rise

The aqua hints of this rug are clever and enticing at the same time. So place this delightful creation in your reading area or music spaces, under you storage drawers or besides your classic wooden cabinet and see the wonders it works without any effort. Dive in the serenity of this blues and rise to the myriad emotions it stirs.
aqua blue braided rug 4

Radiate Passion

Red is one color which instantly makes sure you feel better. To perform a stylish design in any part of the house you need to come in contact with this particular masterpiece. This one suits all types of flooring. So it is a versatile make and simply works in sync to perform a rich outcome.
red braided rug 5
Whenever you miss the warmth and the softness of a real rug and you want to make sure you are not spending a bomb on it, consider the braided sort. Cotton makes you feel more comfortable than wool, and jute increases the durability. In every face this is the best choice you could ideally make.


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