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Build a Disneyland in Garden with Disney Topiary

Sep 3rd, 2012 By
Invite home the Disneyland in the garden with Disney topiary. It will captivate the children and also make the outdoors look all modish and entertaining. Enchanting and mesmeric, these characters will certainly beautify the home exteriors amazingly. Reveal the magic of the fairytale spell and the joy of Mickey and his friends. Tail along with fairies and the cute animals of the Disney world right at your home.

Mickey and Friends Topiary

Bring a smile on your child’s face with Mickey and friends topiary in the garden. You can get the figures of Pluto the dog and Mickey and Minnie mouse all playing together. Decorate Minnie and Mickey with red leaves and flowers.

Donald Duck and Daisy Topiary

The happy couple of Donald Duck and Daisy will look incredible in the garden as a topiary. Make it more colorful by highlighting the figures with red, pink, and gray grass or leaves for decoration. Plant few shrub plants and grass around them.

Pumba of the Lion King Topiary

The jovial Pumba of the Lion King will look quite good for the outdoor garden. Get topiary figure of Pumba and make the garden look much more enthralling with it. You can choose a large topiary of this kind of the jungle feel.

Dumbo the Elephant Topiary

Get the topiary of Dumbo the elephant in the garden. It is ideal for toddlers. The story of this elephant is quite popular among children. It is therefore also a feasible option to attract the guests and other kids to this.

Winnie the Pooh Topiary

Do you like the cartoon Winnie the Pooh on the Disney channel? You can now have the topiary of Pooh and Eeyore of large size in your garden. The charismatic look it will produce will surely delight your heart.

Lady and the Tramp Topiary

Place the topiary of the lady and the tramp among the flower pots. The bloom of their love story can be expressed through your garden this way. It will even capture the interest of the children and also the adults.

Beauty and the Beast Topiary

You must have come across the tale of beauty and the beast. The popular characters of Belle the beautiful princess and Adam, the beast are quite admirable. Their topiaries will definitely enhance the look for the garden.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Topiary

The tale of the princess Snow white and the seven dwarfs are known to every child. You can therefore decorate the outdoor garden with their topiaries. The blend of different colors like blue, red, white and green will make the space seem very cheerful.

Sleeping Beauty Topiary

You can make your garden look livelier with topiaries of Prince Philip and Princess Aurora from the sleeping beauty Disney story. The dancing figures of both of them among the background of the oval shaped chariot will look impressive in the outdoors.

Cars Lightning Mcqueen Topiary

The modern Disney cartoon presentations of the movie cars have awed many people. You can get the Lightning Macqueen topiary in the garden. You can create a focal point in here with this. This will make the region look outstanding.


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