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Bunny Themed Décor For Easter

Apr 1st, 2013 By

Easter decorations are not always easy. These have to be colorful and creative. These should inspire as well as help to decorate your apartment. Here are a few suggestions of bunny themed home decorations. These are easy and colorful ways to decorate homes.

Bunny Headbands To Decorate Walls

You can use colorful headbands to decorate your walls too. When you are not using the easter bunny headband, you may use these to artistically decorate the walls.

Bunny Coat Racks

Here is a fantastic wooden wall rack. The rack is bunny shaped with hooks below the wooden bunny. This can be an ideal addition to bedroom and passageway walls. This helps you keep the coats organized.

Bunny Cushion Covers

Here is a cute looking cushion cover. The cushion cover has the image of a cute looking bunny. This can be an ideal cushion cover for Easter. You may use these cushion covers for the cushions on your sofa sets.

Cute Bunny Clock

This is a very unique and colorful clock. The clock has a dial with the image of an Easter bunny. This is an apt clock for the playroom. It will go well with multicolored décor of modern apartments.

Bunny Candle Holders

These are cute bunny shaped candle holders. You can place these candle stands on your dinner table. The look attractive and stylish. This is a good way to celebrate your Easter with a candle light dinner.

Vintage Bunny Planter

You may even opt for planters which are bunny themed. You may use these rabbit shaped planters to plant your favorite plants. This can be an added attraction in your apartment.

Bunny Salt and Pepper Shakers

There are many different shapes of salt and pepper shakers. This is a cute bunny themed salt and pepper canister which can be a part of your easter décor.

Bunny Paper Garlands

Here is a multicolored garland made from paper. These have small bunny shaped elements in the garland. You can use these garlands to decorate the walls of dining room.


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