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Caring for Wooden Porch Deck in Summers

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A sunny morning in midst of front lawn, surrounded by perching birds, and you are just relaxing listening to music. What can be more to a perfect start of summer day stretched cozily over couch, perhaps reading a book, right on your porch? Wooden decks of porch can be a social hub for all the family members in summer. Let us look into summer maintenance tips for wooden decks

Wooden deck 1

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Right from quirky tea parties, a snooze point, porch wooden decks provide comfort. You need to maintain wooden decks well for their long life in summers. Here are some damage check, repair, maintenance and precaution tips for the same.

How can summer Affect Wooden Decks?

summer Affect Wooden Decks 2Every season has its own sweetness, joys and hazards. Summer is the time when sun is all set to warm your day. When it comes to wooden porch decks, the direct exposure to sun can mar the texture of the wood. Wood being a natural material, too much heat may lead to its withering. Uncovered decks can be more susceptible to these nuisances.
Sudden change of temperature in the night can lead to corrosion of wood early. Hence, this season, however cheerful also brings ahead some problems. Nevertheless, everything has a solution. With some smart care and maintenance tips, you can keep the wooden porch decks safe from harm of sun.

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Checking for damages

The wooden board can face high traffic in summers, as people love to spend time in porch with close ones here. You may need to check the deck for damages to keep it upgraded.

rotting, curling deck 3insect or animal deck 4nail deck 5
mushroom deck 6intact deck 71) Look for any rotting, curling, cracking or severed surface. Remove the damaged part of the board and get a replacement.
2) Walk at length on the deck and see if there is any creaking or sinking of the wooden board.
3) Insects and wild or stray animals may sometimes damage the outdoor porch areas. So, peek carefully to find, if there is any pest infestation.
4) Check for any protruding nails, peeling paint, uneven surface or rugged finish due to lack of maintenance.
5) Sometimes, wood decks can suddenly becoming a sprouting garden for mushrooms and other weeds. This happens if there are holes on the surface, giving chance to the nature to make her at home here.
6) You may have repaired the deck the last season, but you need to confirm if the seals are still intact and the replaced boards are still in place or not.

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Regular Maintenance, Care tips for the Wooden Porch Deck

Vacuum 8 Wash 9 Screw 10
Stains 111) Vacuum: Your porch deck may collect grime and dirt in course of time. It is always advisable to vacuum these areas well every week. This will keep the porch clean. This precautionary measure will also erase risks to dust allergy. Vacuuming will also prevent dust from percolating and settling on the surface.
2) Wash: Scrubbing or mopping the wooden porch surface with washing agents can also keep it polished. You may not use water always as wood is not generally resistant to wetness. However, you can look into professional cleaning solution for this chore. This method will allow to get rid of stains and marks on wood.
3) Tighten Screws: Now that it is summer, porch deck will automatically become a place of recreation. Just so that the floorboard remains intact, you need to check if all the screws are tight enough that hold the structure together. A quick routine step can be to bold all the deck screws well for the season.
4) Removing Stains: Spilled drinks, water and other liquids can leave blemishes on wooden decks. Basic method of cleaning stains with baking soda and limewater is fine. For stubborn marks use stain sealant or professional removers.

Image Source : farm7.static.flickr.com/6116/6281053117_4f8cf4006e_b.jpg | http://www.restoredstyle.com/restoredstyle/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/deck-cleaning.jpg | http://www.tamarco.ca/Libraries/FooterImages/carpenterDecking.sflb | http://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/billingsgazette.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/b/b9/bb96584b-8a5c-5c37-8909-0dc7494ac128/51bd4a6d29ef6.preview-620.jpg


Repairing structural damages

During summers, porch becomes center of activity. Children playing with toys, running around on deck and pulling of furniture can cause structural damages. Here are some precautionary steps and tips to repair such injuries.
Pest infection 12 Surface damage 13 Aged decks 14
Nosiy floorboards 15 Heat effect 161) Pest Infestation: Under the deck, pests may build their dwelling leading to hollowed surface. This can often be the source of sinking floors. Call a pest control team to do away with the pests. Change the floorboards for the deck’s longevity.
2) Surface Damage: Scratched pillars and floors can result from wear and tear, scraping furniture and placing heavy objects on deck can lead to dents and rough surfaces. Smooth out the surface of the deck. Fix a new board with drill, screws and nails. Make sure the activity does not harm the deck’s support beams.
3) Aged Decks: Brittle wood structures and beams, chewed edge, broken under board can weaken the porch deck. You can use a flashlight to examine tethered edges. Use sealant to bridge the gaps.
4) Noisy Floorboards: Eliminating sinking, squeaking of the decks is essential. You would not like the floorboard moaning as you step on them. For a temporary measure, place rugs on the surface to smother the noise. Cut out piece of the injured wood deck. Now attach blocks of new wood on the affected area with help of hammered screws or strong adhesives.
5) The Heat Effect: Cover the wooden porch deck with laminates or protective linen. This will allow the deck to remain unaffected by summer’s heat. You can consider installing a pergola here. Constructing an overhead shelter can obstruct sunrays from spoiling the wooden decks.
6) Peeling Paints: This is one of the common problems, harming wooden porch decks in summers. Peeled and chapped paint can make the deck look ugly. Paint dust falling from the ceiling is a headache. You need to repaint the area, if needed. Remember to use pest resistant coat and polish for the floors and ceilings here.
7) Smoothening Scars: Wooden decks may look gory because of scars on them. There is no specific quick method to fade these marks. What you can do is, use paint that will hide these marks. On the other hand, you can caulk the damaged surface with plaster of paris and cement.

Hence, wooden porch decks are used for recreation purposes in summers. However, caring for them is also important. To keep the season fun alive, maintain these porch areas to assure its safety and long life.

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